EP 232. Zarak Fatah: Finding Your Soul’s Geographical Home

“When you have that time and space to really reflect and sit in your s**t, to be able to actually be there with it and feel it, sit in it, process it, you quickly develop your boundaries, your parameters, you know what you won’t do in the future.”


What if there was a place in the world where you could recalibrate to your soul’s calling – AKA your geographical home.

Zarak Fatah is a transformational Life Coach who guides male entrepreneurs to experience more aliveness, love, deeper meaning, and purpose through his events and coaching. Zarak is a man who walks his talk. His 40th birthday brought a stark, undeniable realization that he wasn’t where he wanted to be (and where he thought he would be).

This wake-up was the catalyst for igniting a 180-degree shift in his life.

Zarak swapped the city for the jungle, reinvented himself, and as a result, is now living his dream of a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life. In this episode, he shares how he got here.



If you feel the call to reinvent your life and step more fully into what your soul intended, this delicious conversation is the catalyst you need.


These are the key takeaways that Zarak and I explored together:

  • What does it mean to be ALIVE?
  • Stepping away from aspects of life to more deeply connect with yourself.
  • Why we’re called to specific geographical locations.
  • How stepping away elevates your clarity.
  • Differentiating between the voices of obligation and vanity versus truth.
  • The unintentional choices that change us to the core.
  • The difference between masculine & feminine energy.
  • What the ego protects us from.
  • The journey of reparenting yourself.
  • Rewriting the stories to change your life.
  • Choosing to believe that love is safe.
  • And more…


This episode is a masterclass in vulnerability. You rarely get to see someone pouring out their heart in such an open and honest way.

There’s not enough vulnerability in our world. As a result, it’s hard for us to cultivate deep connections and express the buried things in our souls. Zarak is an incredible example of what it means to not only be vulnerable but to use the courage to show up as fuel to inspire others.

I believe the more we see vulnerability, the more we can pattern match to its safety. Eventually, being vulnerable becomes a genuine option for you. Imagine how that could change our lives – and ultimately the world.



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EP 228. Amy Albright: Waking Up Your Spiritual Gifts

“The most important thing that you can ever give another person is your loving presence.”

I first met this episode’s guest at a dinner. We had an instant connection that led to a deep spiritual conversation. Since that moment, I’ve been so excited to have Dr. Amy Albright on the show.

Dr. Amy’s audacious ownership of who she is inspires me, and I was curious about how one develops the courage to know themselves so deeply. How do you reach the place of trusting your intuition so fearlessly? How do you live a life fully guided by the wisdom within?

This episode is a spiritual journey – almost a 101 for the role of spirituality in these changing times. We cover a LOT, and in particular, explore the incredibly important role that presence plays as an activator, a catalyst, and a gateway to a soul-led life.



Dr. Amy Albright is on a mission to advance humanity. She’s a top-tier executive coach, and strategic business advisor to high-level CEOs, leaders of multi-million & billion-dollar companies, and social change makers. With over 20 years’ experience, Dr. Amy serves as the life-changing catalyst in her clients’ lives. Through her unorthodox methods, Dr. Amy guides her clients through extraordinary transformations using her cutting-edge blend of neuroscience, consciousness, personal development, and business success.

As the co-founder of Holon Evolution, Dr. Amy works to reinvent the operating system for leaders, so they can fulfill their life’s purpose and accomplish their soul’s calling. Her work is potent, powerful, and profound.

Our conversation was so rich and delicious. Amy has access to an incredible depth of wisdom and information. She blew me away and I know she’ll do the same for you too.


Here’s an overview of everything we explored: 

  • What is spiritual intuition?
  • Why do some people wake up and others don’t?
  • Leaning into moments of truth.
  • Remembering and reconnecting with indigenous wisdom.
  • What is a spiritual gift?
  • Expanding our level of consciousness.
  • What is presence?
  • The most important thing you can give to another.
  • What’s happening in presence.
  • The Holon Breath Practice for activating presence.
  • Bifurcation is why we suffer.
  • The potency of making meaning from nature.


If you’re ready to discover the magic that can happen inside of presence – as well as some techniques that can take you there – do not miss this incredible conversation with Dr. Amy Albright.

EP 227. Ron Baker: What Your Soul Is Really Here To Do

“When we begin to understand that our challenges are there to point us in certain directions so that we will focus on those specific things in our lifetime, then it’s exactly what we need to be working on.” 

I love having previous guests back on the show. The new conversation reminds me how far I’ve come in my own journey of awareness. I’ll always remember the first time I met Ron Baker because until that moment, I knew nothing about the concept of an inner child.


Ron was one of the first teachers that taught me to go within for the answers, the awareness, and the healing. His impact on me was profound. In this conversation, we pick up the theme of the inner child and expand it to embrace the emerging self. We explore the intense wisdom that your soul’s curriculum has as you navigate this incarnation on earth. We talk about Ron’s new book and how it’s been inspired by his soul. No book can match the book of the soul and it’s clear that Ron’s new book was written from the most soulful of places.


This conversation is so rich and delicious. Tune in now to hear Ron and I explore:

  • Understanding the concept of a soul emergence.
  • What self-care is and what it isn’t.
  • How to know what’s your truth.
  • The concept of: Do unto yourself what you would do to others. 
  • Using breath to release stored emotion safely.
  • Claiming self as the main prize.
  • Ron’s experience of doing an audible recording of his book.
  • And more…


There’s so much freedom in discovering what the soul is here to do. There’s so much peace in understanding that our wounding helps create a soul curriculum for this life that serves to expand and evolve us. In this beautiful episode, Ron helps us remember the depth of truth that can be found inside. After all, when we know it’s there, we feel compelled to go and find it.


EP 218. Juanique Roney Finding Rainbows In the Depths Of Grief

“Your shadow work, your mindset, those subconscious programs, is what governs everything in your body. It’s the control center. It’s the thermostat to the house.”

Shadow work is a huge focus in my life right now and I’m excited to share more in the podcast. In these shadow-themed episodes, I’m bringing on people to talk about their experiences of different shadow emotions. 

In this episode, Juanique Roney (aka @gutsy_mom) shares her experience with grief. 

Juanique is a soul sister to me and one of the most inspiring and powerful women I’ve ever met. She’s had a traumatic five years after her husband Tristin was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2017. He died last July. They had two young children.

The way Juanique chose to navigate loss, death, and grief is one of the most powerful and inspirational things I’ve ever witnessed. 

She chose to grieve for her husband before he died by willingly diving into her fears, pain, and loss. Her strength is breathtaking. Somehow, she was able to alchemize her pain into a new kind of love for Tristan. One that’s empowered their children to write a story about loss that’s unconventional and beautiful. 

As well as supporting her kids, Juanique’s journey through grief has allowed her to serve her thriving community in the most beautiful way. As the gutsy_mom, Juanique shows people how to lean into their bodies so they can live their healthiest, most vibrant lives. Through her wellness clinic, she teaches people to be their own self-healing superheroes. 

Tune into this episode to hear Juanique’s story and more…  

  • Inspiring the courage to dive into the pain of shadow work. 
  • How desperation empowered Janique to heal her stress. 
  • Softening the walls around your heart. 
  • Admitting the things that you’re afraid to admit. 
  • The difference between transactional and unconditional love. 
  • Breaking down your heart walls. 
  • Tackling the global shadow. 
  • Empathogens. Manifesting medicines that help people do true healing. 
  • Addiction as a tool to push down, self-soothe, and numb out the shadow. 
  • How the fear of changing your life stops you from changing. 
  • Setting boundaries and navigating the response.
  • How Juanique’s kids have experienced life after their dad’s death. 
  • The meaning of rainbows. 
  • And more…

Shadow work is confronting and painful. But if you allow yourself to sink in, you experience the flip side of healing, love, and freedom. 

Juanique’s story is a beautiful example of finding beauty in pain. Tune in now and you’ll see that there are rainbows inside of grief. 

EP. 210 Mark Wolynn Revisited The Gift Of Healing Generational Trauma

The reaction to the trauma doesn’t necessarily stop with the people who experienced it.

Do you have symptoms that you can’t explain? For example, are you overly anxious for no obvious reason? Do you instinctively push people away or intentionally disassociate from difficult feelings in your body? Do you have irrational fears or thoughts about what could happen that don’t make logical sense?

If so, there’s a chance you may be experiencing inherited trauma; that’s trauma, which started with your parents or your grandparents – not you. 

Generational trauma can impact our lives in profound ways. Fortunately, there is something you can do to transform the fears and soothe the feelings. There is a way to break the pattern so that the ancestral trauma stops with you. 

Mark Wolynn – author of It Didn’t Start With You and the director of The Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco has devoted his life to understanding and healing inherited family trauma. In this must-hear episode, Mark reveals how his work holds the potential to wildly transform your life as well as the life of your children and grandchildren [even if they’ve not yet been born].    

The concept of inherited trauma is backed by science. As Mark explains in the episode, as we learn more about epigenetics, our clarity about the way trauma is passed on increases. 

Ancestral trauma is often behind the curtain. Logic can convince us that certain things are best left unsaid. But just because we don’t hear things doesn’t mean we can’t feel things. 

Mark’s work empowers people to dig deeper into their familial setting so they can understand the reactions and feelings locked in their body. As a result, his clients get to experience unimaginable feelings of freedom, closure, and clarity. 

You can get a taste of the potential that healing ancestral trauma could have for you when you tune into this episode. 

  1. What is inherited trauma?
  2. What’s a healthy way to experience a healing event if you can’t tap back into the original trauma? 
  3. How can you learn to be present with what is? 
  4. How to differentiate between attachment and generational trauma. 
  5. Why traumas affect fathering and mothering. 
  6. The profound difference between forgiveness and understanding.
  7. What is inner child healing and why is it powerful healing work?
  8. How healing generational trauma impacts your children [and your children’s children].
  9. Changing how our genes express to protect our kids [and grandchildren]. 
  10. Why Mark is passionate about this work [and how it healed his sight]. 
  11. The significance of Mark crying into his mother’s clothes. 
  12. And more… 

EP. 206 Dawn Breslin Recovering From Overwhelm, Stress, & Burnout

I started to recognize that the human system, the rhythm of a human is: grow and then rest, repair, grow again.

Rewind to 2012, and Dawn Breslin’s life broke apart. She’d been at the peak of her career – enjoying red carpet events, speaking on some of the biggest stages in the world, and authoring bestselling books. 

Then suddenly, the success was gone. A series of unavoidable life events escalated at the same time leaving Dawn emotionally, energetically, and financially bankrupt to the tune of £100k. What in the moment felt like an identity death gently evolved into a rebirth. In a moment of surrender, Dawn tapped into the harmonizing effect of nature. This experience became a trigger that empowered Dawn to swap debt, burnout, and energetic depletion to one of vibrant health, balance, and radiant wellbeing. 

Now, Dawn empowers others to come into a rhythmic cycle and be potent in life by dancing the giving and receiving cycles. In this episode, Dawn shares how her Harmonizing Alignment Process guides us to heal the inner child, tap into the rhythm of human, and cultivate a fierce love for

Dawn Breslin is a leading light in the field of coaching and personal transformation. Through her work as a TV & Radio presenter, best-selling Hay House author, inspirational keynote speaker, and media consultant she has inspired thousands of individuals to heal, re-energize and transform their lives. 

Tune into this episode to hear Dawn and I explore the following: 

  1. How Dawn’s life fell apart in 2012. 
  2. Dropping into presence and finding the flow of life. 
  3. Tapping into the awe in front of our eyes. 
  4. How a flower transformed Dawn’s life and created a rebirth. 
  5. The systems in nature that can help with our psychology. 
  6. The role of inner child work in giving & receiving. 
  7. Developing the inner dialogue to move through life with grace.
  8. The power of re-energizing work. 
  9. Using boundaries to protect the self. 
  10. Loving yourself into the fullness of your potential. 

In a world that’s prioritized doing over being for so long, Dawn’s story is a reminder of the power of finding a rhythm between the two. 

Dawn’s story is so empowering and her presence is passionate. I learned so much from this episode and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way when you check it out.