Re-Inventing a $1M+ “Regular” Business for Greater Meaning with Evolved Enterpreneur Raj Jana

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Do you have an existing business that is doing okay financially but leaves you unfulfilled or aware that you’re not playing your biggest game?

If yes, keep reading….

Raj Jana started JavaPresse Coffee Company in his spare time and built it into a 100k per month business that sells coffee preparation equipment (coffee grinders, French presses, etc.).

While he was initially thrilled with hitting his financial targets (while still working at his day job!), he quickly found that each new financial success had a diminishing sense of “buzz” and accomplishment.

In short, he knew there had to be more to business than simply turning a profit. The problem was, he had no idea where to start.

Around this time, Raj stumbled on Evolved Enterprise and immediately knew he was onto something….

Raj purchased the Evolved Business Blueprint and CO|altion membership, delegated as much of his workload as possible to his colleagues, and literally shut himself away in a back room for three whole weeks to submerge himself in the content, hoping to emerge with the answers he was looking for to reinvent his business….

Raj was quickly immersed in the content, and by following the lesson plans in sequential order, he found himself on a deep internal journey as he dug through his own personal background and studied the life stories, strengths, and shortcomings of his greatest idols before gradually connecting the dots between how this all related back to his own core values and his big vision for his business.

Raj’s process was to write, research, reflect, and write some more until he at last emerged from his three-week retreat. When he did, he had a clear definition of core values, glowing insight into his “big why,” and an engaging examination of his own personal backstory ready to connect with his draft 2020 vision for his business.

Last week, Raj stepped up and participated in a live business model brainstorming “CO|create” call with Chris Hay, Evolved Enterprise Community Chief and Yanik Silver to discuss his research and to get real-time feedback on his creative work in front of a live audience of several dozen other aspiring Evolved Entrepreneurs.

Speaking to Raj after the call, he says that the CO|create process (a feature of our CO|alition membership) gave him increased clarity around how the various parts he’s been working on fit together and, perhaps more than anything else, the simple reassurance to entrust his own instincts in discovering the essence of what his business is to become.

Raj’s story is a work in progress and, as such, demonstrates a fantastic real-world example of someone stepping into the deep work of investigating and investing in himself (evolving you) in order to uncover a genuine cause alignment before letting this purpose permeate every inch of his business.

Watch this space as Raj keeps us posted about where he takes things from here…and in the meantime if you love great coffee and want only the best gear to grind, store, and prepare your brew, visit today, and help Raj on his journey to becoming a truly Evolved Entrepreneur.

Key Takeaways from Raj:

  1. It’s an iterative process, so stay consistent. I journaled and immersed myself in the process every single day, and I am glad I did. When creating my vision, I found myself pulling bits and pieces from different journal entries to put together a complete story. It isn’t something you can do in one sitting.
  2. Set a deadline. “Figuring yourself out” is a lifelong journey, and it will remain that way if you try to make things perfect. Give yourself a goal to have your vision 90% done by a certain date; then start getting feedback. This allows you to 80/20 the process with laser focus and infuses a sense of urgency that I feel aids personal creativity.
  3. Trust and listen to yourself. I found certain parts of the Evolved Business Blueprint to be more powerful for myself (studying idols in particular), so I spent additional time doing those parts. If it feels right, dig deeper.


Raj Jana

Raj Jana is the founder of JavaPresse, a lifestyle brand that transforms ordinary coffee rituals into extraordinary daily experiences. He’s been mentored by some of the world’s most inspiring leaders and hosts the weekly show, Stay Grounded, to help listeners achieve more happiness in daily life.

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    Turn yourself into your biggest asset

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