Stephen Brooks

Episode 326


Using Plants To Heal Yourself

In this captivating episode of Stay Grounded, host Raj Jana sits down with the remarkable Stephen Brooks, an ethnobotanist, permaculture teacher, passionate speaker and educator, and founder of thriving ecological communities Punta Mona, La Ecovilla, Tacotal and Alegria Village. He is also a co-founder of Envision Festival, an educational and conscious celebration in Costa Rica. A self trained ethnobotanist, specialist in exotic fruit trees and permaculture education, Stephen has taught over 40 Permaculture Design Courses in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala and the US and last year he co-founded Ecoversity which is teaching permaculture and other Earth skills online. In this conversation Stephen shares his profound insights on the incredible partnership between humans and plants, the importance of reconnecting with nature, and the transformative power of devotional living. With his infectious enthusiasm and deep reverence for the natural world, Stephen invites us to rediscover the beauty, wisdom, and healing potential that exists all around us.

Key Takeaways:

  • The incredible unconditional love and support that plants offer us, even as we often fail to reciprocate that love and care
  • The importance of reconnecting with our food, spending time in nature, and cultivating a sense of gratitude and presence in our daily lives
  • The principles of permaculture and herbalism, and how they can empower us to become our own healers and live more sustainably
  • The power of devotional living – respecting and revering the divinity within ourselves, each other, and the natural world
  • The joy and wonder that comes from cultivating a deep relationship with plants, and sharing that love and knowledge with others

If you’re feeling called to reconnect with the wisdom of nature and to explore the profound healing potential of plants, this episode is a must-listen. Stephen’s passion and expertise will inspire you to look at the world around you with new eyes, and to cultivate a deeper sense of reverence and partnership with the incredible beings that share our planet.

If you’re interested in taking your mastery of plants to a whole new level, check out Ecoversity’s new online herbalism course, where you’ll learn from some of the most renowned herbalists in the world and gain the skills and knowledge you need to become your own healer.

Connect with Stephen:

Instagram: @stephenrbrooks @ecoversity @alegriavillage

To enroll to the Ecoversity course use this link and apply the code SGPOD to get a 10% discount off the regular course pricing.

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Instagram: @raj_jana

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