Raj jaNa

I Was Raised On The Belief That

you GEt What You Work For.

Be the hardest worker in the room and things will always line up for you.

The immigrant mentality.

So I worked hard to achieve the things I wanted. It’s how I became a state ranked tennis player in high school, started a fraternity that broke philanthropic records in college, and landed a six-figure salary in my first job right out of school.

By the age of 22, I’d ‘made it’! I had a promising career, earned more money than most people my age, and had the grit to keep achieving.

But I wasn’t fulfilled.

Ambitious and driven, I wanted more. I was impatient to climb the corporate ladder and prove myself at ever-higher levels. So I chased promotion after promotion, worked crazy hours, and did everything ‘right’ to earn my way up.

But this time, my hard work didn’t reward me the way I expected.

It didn’t matter what value I added or what hours I put in, my bosses still told me to wait my turn. I had to play someone else’s rules to win and that meant taking the jobs available rather than the ones I wanted.

I was being forced to settle for a career that others mapped out for me – a compromise I wasn’t prepared to make.

The Only permission
you need is yourS

Around the same time, my dad was laid off from his ‘secure’ corporate job.

Then shortly after, one of my first mentors, Jerry Markowitz, died suddenly from a heart attack.

These were tough pills to swallow.

Dad came to the US from India with $60 in his pocket. He sacrificed his happiness for his family and worked around the clock to achieve career success and provide for us. He did everything right (and more), but was still a victim to circumstances outside his control.

Jerry was similar. After working at the same company for 37 years, he died just three months short of retirement. He was ready to live life on his terms, only to be robbed at the finish line.

Jerry Markowitz, Raj’s Mentor

It’s wasn’t fair.

Despite all the promises, I could see the conventional route had NO guarantees. Go through life on terms you don’t control and even if you work hard, you can’t be certain you’ll get what you want (or deserve).

It was a wake-up call. How could I risk waiting for someone else’s permission to create the life I wanted? How could I justify deferring my happiness until someone else gave me the green light?

I got it. If I wanted success and fulfillment, I had to take complete ownership of my life – and that meant doing things MY way on MY terms, and starting NOW.

You don’t have to stick to

ThE ExpEctEd path

Have you noticed how conventional thinking maps out a path for us?

It looks something like this…

Get into a good school. Crush your grades. Land a great-paying job. Get married. Buy a house. Start a family. Earn the promotions…

And wait your turn.

In short, work hard, compromise when you need to, and in return, you’ll get ‘security’ and eventually fun and freedom in retirement!

But what if you don’t want that for your life?

What if you don’t want to wait, or settle, or compromise?

What if you’re like me and you want to have your cake and eat it too?

Don’t settle for anything less than


Deep down, we all have inspiring dreams and desires for our lives.

We all have a vision for who we could be, what we could do, and where we could go.

It’s convention that’s programmed us to settle, compromise, and make excuses for not going after the things we truly want.

I was lucky.

I had a wake up call that made me question how I could shoot for the stars and live a life that felt extraordinary to me. I was inspired to figure out how I could travel the world, live in abundance, and have the money to spoil my loved ones.

I had an itch to become an entrepreneur and figure out how to leverage business to make an impact.

I knew this big vision for my life wasn’t possible if others held the cards, so I launched JavaPresse, defined my own ‘career progression’, and used my business as a vehicle to achieve my goals and impact others.

But what does extraordinary living look like for YOU?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, build a house, travel the world, raise a close-knit family, master the piano, experience true love… It doesn’t matter.

The reality is you CAN have it all when you refuse to settle, get crystal clear on what you really want, then work like hell to make it happen.

Crave the struggle -

you’rE thE biggESt horSE you caN bEt oN

That’s not to say the path of extraordinary living is easy.

In fact, it takes a ridiculous amount of work, incredible dedication, and a belief that you can’t lose if you put in the hours.

Most people don’t believe they have what it takes to step up in this way. Instead, they cave in to fear and settle for the safe, comfortable, easy path through life.

They don’t understand that a fulfilled and easy path though life isn’t the same as a struggle-free life.

To have your cake and eat it too, you have to force yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s the only way to transform the fear of failure or the unknown into faith. You need to become someone who instinctively craves the growth that comes from struggle – because that’s how extraordinary goals are achieved.

I bet that’s why Jim Rohn said, “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.”

It’s tough, but it’s the mindset shift that made all the difference in my life. It’s how I’ve been able to:

All while nurturing incredibly fulfilling relationships with the people that matter most to me. And I believe you deserve the same.

No regrets - LivE LifE NOW

Extraordinary living isn’t a destination – it’s an approach to life.

I know there’s a part of you that feels excited about what lies beyond convention. I also know you’re scared (and if you’re not, then you’re not thinking big enough!)

So how about we walk this path together?

I’ve got TWO things to build momentum and kick-start your own journey of extraordinary living:

Remember, you don’t have to finish where you started and things don’t have to stay as they are because they’ve always been that way.

Embrace extraordinary living and you can make your own rules, set your own path, and win big with whatever you want for YOUR life.

That’s my hope for you. Are you in?

Then let’s get to work : )


Be ruthlessly dedicated to yourself and your dreams and don’t let anyone convince you to settle – EVER.

Dare to think big – so big that you feel alive with the possibility of it all.

Define what extraordinary living means for you – and don’t settle for the easy path.

Then seek the guidance and know-how on achieving what you want and work like hell to make it all happen. 

ProfESSioNal bio

Raj is an impact-driven entrepreneur and podcast host who’s passionate about using capitalism and business as a vehicle to make the world a brighter place.

After his mentor died of a heart attack just three months short of retirement – Raj felt compelled to step up and do something meaningful to challenge conventional ways of thinking.

He realized that product & brand experiences can be crafted intentionally to spread empowering messages that influence people’s daily behavior. So he launched JavaPresse Coffee Company – a lifestyle brand that helps people use coffee to live happier lives by transforming ordinary coffee rituals into extraordinary daily experiences.

Since launching in Q4 2015, Raj has: