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“Be the hardest worker in the room and things will always line up for you”, they said.

So I worked hard to achieve the things I cared about.
I became a state-ranked tennis player in high school, started a fraternity that broke philanthropic records in college, and landed a six-figure salary in my first job out of school.

By the age of 22, I’d ‘made it’! I had a promising corporate career, was earning more money than most people my age, and I had the grit to keep achieving.

But I wasn’t fulfilled.

Ambitious and driven, I was hungry for more. I was impatient to climb the corporate ladder and prove myself at ever-higher levels. So I chased promotion after promotion, worked crazy hours, and did everything ‘right’ to earn my way up.

But this time, my hard work didn’t reward me the way I expected.

It didn’t matter what value I added or what hours I put in, my bosses still told me to wait my turn. I had to play someone else’s rules to win and that meant taking the jobs available rather than the ones I wanted.

It didn’t make sense to me. If the conventional path promised so much, why did I feel so antsy, irritated, and unfulfilled?

As my disillusionment grew, I sought answers elsewhere. I read self help books, listened to podcasts, took courses, and started the journey of teaching myself to be an entrepreneur.

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The Only Permission
You Need is yours

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Around the same time, my dad was laid off from his ‘secure’ corporate job.

Then shortly after, one of my first mentors, Jerry Markowitz, died suddenly from a heart attack.

These were tough pills to swallow.

These were tough pills to swallow.

Dad came to the US from India with $60 in his pocket. He sacrificed his happiness, worked around the clock to achieve career success, and did everything ‘right’ to provide for us – then still fell victim to circumstances outside his control.

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Jerry was similar. After 37 years at the same company, he died three months short of his retirement date. Excited to finally live life on his terms, Jerry was robbed at the finish line.

Reality dawned on me…

Go through life on terms you don’t control and even if you do work hard, there are zero guarantees you’ll ever get what you really want (or deserve).

It was the wake-up call I needed. Why was I waiting for someone else’s permission to create the life I wanted? How could I justify deferring my happiness until someone else gave me the green light?

I finally got it.

If I wanted to experience the things I cared about most, I had to take complete ownership of my life, which meant doing things MY way on MY terms – starting NOW.

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I wanted more and I wasn’t willing to wait.

I double-downed on my side-hustle at the time, JavaPresse, to give me the freedom to define my own career progression. I chased wealth that wasn’t a corporate salary, and leveraged entrepreneurship as my chosen vehicle for creating the freedom I thought wanted.

Less than a year later, I broke my first
7-figures in business.

I couldn’t believe it! How could an engineer with zero business experience grow a coffee company from scratch to 7-figures in less than 12 months while working a full-time job?

My life was unrecognizable. I had more money than I could have imagined having a year ago, but instead of complete freedom, I felt scared.

Suddenly, I was terrified of losing everything I’d worked so hard to create.

These fears crippled my ability to be happy.

So in an effort to understand the root causes of my fears and anxieties, I invested in people and practices who could help me get to know myself better.

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I launched the Stay Grounded Podcast, began working with mentors, and sought out people who were living the lives I wanted to live and learned from them.

I spent time with Richard Branson on his private island and got mentored by incredible entrepreneurs like Daymond John and spiritual leaders such as Panache Desai. I joined healing communities with other brave souls committed to doing the inner work and experienced a shared sense of belonging in the process.

Through the process of going inward, I uncovered beliefs, patterns, stories, and rule sets that were getting in the way of me experiencing true peace and fulfillment.

That’s when everything shifted.

With a new lens to see life through, I began listening to my heart and finding a new flow with the way I was existing – when something remarkable happened…

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The less I focused on external success, accolades, and making money, the more abundance I received. The more I pursued the metrics of fulfillment, impact, and doing my best, the happier I felt.
The more I challenged beliefs that weren’t in alignment with who I was at my core, the more I fell in love with myself.

The more I focused on who I wanted to BE over what I wanted to HAVE or DO, the more excellence, mastery, and fulfillment
I enjoyed.

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Guided by

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Today, I own equity in 9 companies (likely more by the time you’re finished reading this) that are all cohesively working together to create a world worth being in. I have rich, wonderful relationships with people that inspire me. I feel connected to a greater sense of purpose in every moment, and have created a reality that I never want to escape from.

Life feels amazing when you optimize your life around the right metrics. You really can have it ALL when you create life from a place of wholeness within you.

Life was never meant to be a series of either/or choices. You don’t have to compromise or sacrifice your heart – that’s an outdated paradigm rooted in the old way of being. You can explore the world, live in abundance, and have money to take care of loved ones. You can create success and impact in business, and have meaningful relationships, wealth, bucket list experiences, and magical everyday moments.

Your soul was put here for a reason. When you listen to its whispers and surrender to the callings of your heart, you can have, do, and be more than you could ever imagine is possible.

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Society limits us in the worst ways. The systems and structures that prioritize doing over being have silenced huge parts of our humanity that’s craving to be released, expressed, and explored.

And as I unapologetically create life for myself, it’s my desire to create opportunities for others to do the same – in whatever way is aligned with their soul’s calling.

The truth is we can have it all. The only thing stopping us is our fears combined with an outdated, fragmented, dysfunctioning system that convinces us to play far smaller than our fullest potentiality.

It’s time for humanity to create a new way of being so we can choose love over fear and find lasting peace and connectedness.

I’ve chosen to commit my life to building this new world… a world that offers a realistic alternative to the broken model of what it means to “make it” in life. A world that prioritizes fulfillment, love, and community over the obsessive pursuit of money, power, and the need for validation.

A world that empowers individuals to walk their own authentic path of extraordinary – minus the social expectations, defunct paradigms, and limiting rules that keep us from the truth of who we are.

For me, that’s a world worth fighting for.

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no regrets


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There is no rewind button or do-over on life.

Time spent is forever lost – but that doesn’t mean today can’t be the start of something beautiful.

True; the best time to start may have been 10 years ago, but the second best time is now.

So grab the mic now and make a choice right now to squeeze everything you can out of this beautiful thing called life.

Remember, you don’t have to finish where you started.

Things don’t have to stay as they are because they’ve always been that way.

You can make your own rules, choose your own path, and win big with whatever you want for your life.

Live from your heart, create through the lens of love, and stay forever curious. Dance with every aspect of your being and allow every part of you to shine.

Find your version of wholeness.

Let’s BE in this world together.

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