Raj Jana

Episode 322


Breaking Free From Conditioned Patterns

In February’s vulnerable and honest reflection episode of Stay Grounded, Raj shares his journey of dismantling the shame and societal conditioning around sexuality, masculinity and relationships. He courageously speaks to the unspoken reality of how his own dating and self-pleasure practices were disconnecting him from his authentic needs and desires, and what resulted when he decided to abstain from those practices for an entire month.

Discover in this episode:

  • Why openly discussing taboo subjects like porn, sexuality, and serial dating is essential for collective healing
  • How childhood wounding and unmet needs fuel adult behaviors of self-abandonment
  • The vital importance of spaces where men can vulnerably share without judgment
  • The power of “rooting down” and cultivating intimacy with all our parts, especially hurt inner children
  • Why fully feeling challenging emotions is the gateway to genuine behavior change
  • How to cultivate shame-free self-awareness and break free from compulsive patterns

If you’ve ever struggled to break a self-defeating habit or release an addiction, this episode offers inspiration to compassionately unwind the roots of these patterns. With candid stories and hard-won insights, Raj illuminates why self-abandonment and unprocessed trauma fuel unconscious behaviors – and how radical self-love and courageous truth-telling create new possibilities.

Raj’s words will remind you that you are not alone. Let this conversation inspire you to courageously speak your own unspoken stories, reach out for support, and take daily steps toward embracing all parts of yourself. Witness how the simple act of naming the shame serves to dissolve its power. Tune in to begin dismantling the barriers to your fullest, most vibrant embodied life.

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