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Imagine getting to the end of life


knowing you played full out, explored your potential, and did all the things you dreamt about.

Imagine knowing you never settled – living a successful, abundant, fulfilled life as a result.

Imagine creating the most impactful business, the most incredible relationships, and the most life-changing adventures – so you could experience who you really are.

When I sat down to decide what I wanted out of life, those desires topped my list. Extraordinary living became the way to make them a reality.

I discovered, if you dare to dream big, believe in yourself, and work like hell, you can set your own rules and create life on YOUR terms.

So if that’s the objective for your audience, I’m your man!

I am Raj jaNa

Founder of JavaPresse and host of the Stay Grounded Podcast.

My whole life has been about breaking convention and setting new standards.

I started my own fraternity at college, built a 7-figure side-hustle while working a full-time job, and quit the corporate ladder to create a life that expresses who I want to be.

So if you’re looking for a passionate, enthusiastic, infectious speaker who can talk about growing a business, starting a movement, and inspire big crowds to reach for more, let’s chat.


How to grow your Side-Hustle into an Impactful 7-figure Movement

This keynote is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs who want to reclaim control of their lives by growing their business – and want to do it alongside another full-time commitment (such as work or parenting).

With the help of personal experiences and anecdotes, I’ll reveal the exact steps I took to launch JavaPresse on Amazon and scale it to 6-figures/month in under a year.

In this no fluff talk, I’ll share the reality of the hard work, relentless dedication, and ruthless time management needed to turn the JavaPresse brand into a top-seller – then leverage the platform and brand as a vehicle to expand beyond a single marketing channel and build a successful standalone store.

This talk covers topics ranging from branding, to conscious capitalism, to crafting product experiences that excite customers and turn them into raving fans.

I’ll also share the pitfalls, the breakthroughs, and the defining moments that enabled me to walk an extraordinary path while using business as a tool for personal happiness, fulfillment, and success.

It’s my goal that your audience will leave inspired by the possibilities for them and clear on the next steps they need to take to put their plan into action.


The Art of Experiencing an Extraordinary Life

This keynote inspires people to stop settling, break away from convention, and set their own rules. Whether incorporated into a business event or booked as a standalone presentation, this topic is perfect for giving an audience a wake-up call that they can be, do, and have more than what’s currently defined for their life.

I was 24 when life showed me that the conventional route doesn’t guarantee happiness. My mentor died suddenly 3-months short of retirement, then dad got laid off from his ‘secure’ corporate job. These experiences unlocked an insane zest for life and an insatiable desire to accomplish more, faster. One question drove me: How could I have my cake and eat it too? The Stay Grounded Philosophy was my answer.

This philosophy is a framework I’ve battle-tested and use daily to create extraordinary results in ALL areas of my life.. Applicable to business and life, this framework helped me move from corporate life, to side-hustle, to a 7-figure business – all in less than a year. It helped me get mentored by some of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and build intensely satisfying relationships with my friends, colleagues, partner, and family.

They’ll also leave armed with my routines, practices, and rituals so they can take action and create their own extraordinary results FAST – regardless of their start point or ambition.

So if you want to give your audience a renewed zest for life – inspired to grab fresh possibilities, dive into fear, and never again settle, this keynote is the one.


Growing Your Business Exponentially Through Impact-Driven Commerce

In this keynote, I reveal how to leverage conscious entrepreneurship to create the deeper impact that leads to more personal fulfillment and ultimately higher profits.

When I first started my business, I was all about the money. I wanted to clear my student debt, explore my entrepreneurial drive, and see if I could build something that I could ultimately do full-time. Thanks to the right mentorship and habits, I succeeded quickly. It’s how my ‘side-hustle’ grew into a 7-figure business in less than a year. But strangely, I wasn’t fulfilled.

Ever noticed that after a certain milestone, bigger financial goals just feel empty? That’s because true fulfillment lies beyond a number in a bank account. It sits in the scale of the legacy you leave.

I believe business is a vehicle that can drive personal fulfillment and make the world a brighter place. That’s because we’re at our best and happiest when we know who we are and when we’re using our talents and ideas to profoundly impact other people. It’s why everything changed for me when I started selling happiness instead of coffee, including a massive 800% increase in growth the next year.

So if your audience is looking to reignite their passion for business and life, this keynote is for them.

I’ll take you through the exact steps I took to build a global happiness movement from a coffee grinder, so your audience can do the same with any ‘ordinary’ product or service in their own business.

This keynote digs into it all. We’ll cover everything from visioning, to culture building, to creating your own blue ocean, and doing things in an authentic way. As a result, I’ll invigorate your audience with a renewed zest for business that leaves them excited to make their mark on the world like never before.

I was immediately impressed by Raj. People often get the wrong impression of millennials, but Raj is a prime example of a laser-focused millennial who has been able to take a traditional product, coffee, and turn it into a lifestyle with JavaPresse Coffee Company.

Daymond johN

SpEakEr’S Bio

When people awaken to the extraordinary possibilities that exist everyday, life transforms forever.

Most of us settle – allowing convention to dictate our limits, our experiences, and our lives. Raj found a way to break free of all social norms and create life on HIS terms.

Inspiring and energizing, Raj’s story and personality holds the unique ability to wake people up to the reality of what’s really possible. It’s how Raj sets people out on their own extraordinary path through life.

7-figure business owner, curious podcast host, and impact-driven entrepreneur, Raj’s dynamic personality and onstage presence leaves a lasting impact that changes lives.


Everyone deserves the extraordinary path through life - let me show your audience how to do it!

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