I want to inspire you to make your own rules, set your own path, and win big with whatever you want for YOUR life.

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Don’t let fear, anxiety, or stress destroy your life. Start living & walk the extraordinary path through life in our FREE community.


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The Stay Grounded® Community was designed to ignite your passion for life through action, experiencing rapid growth, and creating realities that inspire and excite us to be more…

It’s an empowering place where like-minded people connect to love fully, fight fears, challenge conventions, and pursue alignment with purpose.

If you’re ready to fully play this crazy game called life and enjoy unknown levels of fulfillment and happiness…

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Don’t let fear, anxiety, stress, or worry destroy your life. Start living and walk the extraordinary path through life in our community.


My Story

Hey, I’m Raj Jana – founder of JavaPresse Coffee Company and host of The Stay Grounded Podcast.

I get excited about building revolutionary, intentional brands that challenge the world to be a brighter place.

I thought I understood happiness, success, and fulfillment — until my mentor died suddenly just three months before his retirement.

Jerry’s untimely death shook my world and inspired me to live with an extraordinary zest for life. It was the trigger that drove me to challenge those deep-rooted, outdated paradigms that program us to compromise. I finally got it… Life is too short to wait for a future that’s not guaranteed or to live by someone else’s rules…

What PEoplE Say

I was immediately impressed by Raj. People often get the wrong impression of millennials, but Raj is a prime example of a laser-focused millennial who has been able to take a traditional product, coffee, and turn it into a lifestyle with JavaPresse Coffee Company.

Daymond John

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The path of

ExtraordiNary LiviNg

is unique to you.

You set the rules. You define the wins. You choose the experiences.

Anything is possible when you believe you can win and you foster the work ethic to keep going. So get inspired to reach for the stars with the Stay Grounded Podcast.

Each week, you’ll discover how other big thinking, inspirational people use specific mindsets, rituals, and strategies to shatter convention and walk the extraordinary path through life.

MEDia &

This path of extraordinary living has taught me a lot and helped me clock up some big wins.

Most notable are my business ones. With nothing but my tenacity, work ethic, and determination to win, I grew my first business from a side-hustle to a 7-figure business and brand in less than a year.

And I learnt a stack along the way.

I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with other big thinkers, so check out what I’ve shared and where I’ve been featured over on my media page.

INvitE ME to SpEak!

A rampant cause of unhappiness, frustration, and disempowerment is people settling for less than they want.

Whether it’s conventional rules or our own fears keeping us small, settling is a dream killer. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can overturn the conventional road and there is green grass on the other side of fear.

And through my keynotes, I show other big thinkers HOW – so they can win big in business and life.

My credentials? I’ve achieved things ‘convention’ says is impossible – like transforming a side-hustle into a 7-figure business (while working a full-time graduate job), mentoring from some of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and launching a successful coffee range in a flooded market.

Not because I’m special – but because I rejected social norms, set a clear vision for my life, and leveraged my work ethic to make winning the only option.

Stay Grounded Hero Community

with Raj Jana

For when you’re ready to stop settling, start living, and walk the extraordinary path through life…