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and spreading messages that inspire you to wake
up and squeeze every drop out of life.

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    Our current systems for living weren’t designed to nurture the fullness of ALL human potential. Instead, they were created during a time that prioritized DOING over BEING to churn out factory workers and cookie cutter lives, which served the hierarchy and industrial context of the day.

    This outdated lifestyle fails to serve the integrated, conscious way of living that empowers the indomitable human spirit. Growing groups of people are feeling this truth, and they’re calling for more.

    We need a world that serves this craving. A world that supports the pursuit of fulfillment over vanity, money, status and power.

    My partners and I committed to building this new world.

    We invest in projects that light us up, create opportunities that help people, collaborate with industry leaders, and scale companies that disrupt existing structures at large to inspire an integrated, wholesome lifestylebecause a return to wholeness is the catalyst for the meaningful fulfillment that modern humanity craves.

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    I was immediately impressed by Raj. People often get the wrong impression of millennials, but Raj is a prime example of a laser-focused millennial who has been able to take a traditional product, coffee, and turn it into a lifestyle with JavaPresse Coffee Company.

    Daymond John

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    With me

    Make an impact. Stay in YOUR zone of genius, and get an unfair advantage when you form a strategic partnership with me…

    Do you have a proven business that you’re ready to blow up to the next level? 

    If you’re a passionate content creator, influencer, product developer, or entrepreneur who’s built something great and wants to pour gasoline on the fire, then we should talk. 

    I’ve made the transition from 7-figure business owner to a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with interests in multiple businesses. My life is guided by my vision for the New World, and I’m constantly growing as a human through my personal commitment to experiencing the upper limits of what’s possible for my life. 

     Partner with me and you’ll tap into the energy, commitment, and mindset required to navigate life at this level – plus gain access to my resources, skill sets, and vast body of experience and knowledge.  This opportunity isn’t for everyone, but for the right people it’s a fucking game-changer.

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    Raj Jana

    I believe it’s easy to have your cake and eat it too when you’re the one baking the cake.

    Hey, I’m Raj. As a human, I’m a serial entrepreneur, investor, and creator. As a soul, I’m a passionate, relentless seeker on a mission to experience the greatest levels of fulfillment in all areas of my life – whether that’s through the pursuit of love, money, wholeness, creative expression, success in business, impacting others and more.

    But I didn’t always feel this way…

    I thought I understood happiness, success, and fulfillment — until my mentor died suddenly just three months before his retirement. Jerry’s death taught me that nothing in life is guaranteed, and pushed me to stop waiting in line for the things I wanted.

    It triggered me to challenge the deep-rooted, outdated paradigms that convince us to compromise and settle for the path that society had written for me. I was compelled to adopt new beliefs and operating philosophies because I finally got it… You’re the only person in the way of living the rich, liberated, delicious life your heart and soul dreams of.

    Nowadays, I build businesses that excite me, create content that inspires courage and confidence in self, and invest resources into projects and people that are making a difference. I’m driven to explore what makes us feel alive – so we’re empowered to make the most of our short time on planet earth.

    Harmonize The World™

    The more I seek and work on myself, the better equipped I am to serve.
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    My favorite life altering podcast! There has not been an episode that I didn’t love. There is always a message to be heard in each and every episode and incredible stories to be shared.

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    Amazing Heart, Soul, Mind Alignment. Raj is a true embodiment of this. His content is an a blast of love in the kindest form. A wayshower by example and curiosity.

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    A great way to start the day! I love listening to Stay Grounded whenever I can. Raj seems so genuine and I could listen to him talk for hours.

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    Deep, Inspirational, and Motivating. Raj’s ability to connect with each listener is incredible. Never feels like a lecture but more like a conversation with a friend.

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    The name says it all! This is one of my favorite podcasts. As a busy entrepreneur I sometimes find myself completely disconnected from reality in its most beautiful moments.


    I’m on a relentless journey to learn, grow,
    and evolve every aspect of my being.

    I’m passionate about decoding and moving through my own limitations so I can continue experiencing and being the best possible version of who I’m meant to be on this planet.

    I see myself as a guinea pig who seeks so I can serve. I learn, test, and reflect with intensity because I’m obsessed with figuring out how a human can unlock everything this beautiful life has to offer.

    The Stay Grounded Podcast is one of my personal tools for navigating this path.

    Over the past several years I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in the best masterminds, trainings,  courses, and mentors to further my own understanding of this human experience.

    This quest has connected me with some of the most talented, smartest, awakened healers, teachers, spiritual savants, and individuals navigating their inner journeys on planet earth. Every person I’ve met has a story to tell that holds the potential to inspire your next steps in the way that they have mine.

    As a listener of Stay Grounded, you get a direct connection with my personal network of peers, teachers, and visionaries – so you too can learn to master the art of living and return to wholeness by committing to your own journey of healing.

    Weekly Inspiration For People Choosing The Extraordinary Path Through Life.

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    Speaking is my haven. For me, there’s something electrifying and soul-defining about sharing with people who are hungry for more.

    From podcast appearances, to live interviews, to in-person keynotes, and community training, I always deliver in a way that leaves people feeling touched and changed at a soul-deep level.

    I leave no stone left unturned, and no attendee left behind. I have one job to do; change your audience’s lives. When you hire me as a media personality, you’re not just getting a talk alone. You’re getting an electrifying performance that will leave an indelible mark on your audience’s heart – inspiring them to believe they CAN have it all.

    Every talk is curated and customized to the audience I share with. My life changed because of a few game-changing keynotes early on in my journey. It’s an honor and the greatest privilege to be able to pay it forward. I’m excited to see what magic we’ll create together when you invite me to your stage – whether your stage is online or in-person.