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The more I seek and work
on myself, the better equipped I am to serve.

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I’m on a relentless journey to learn, grow,
and evolve every aspect of my being.

I’m passionate about decoding and moving through my own limitations so I can continue experiencing and being the best possible version of who I’m meant to be on this planet.

I see myself as a guinea pig who seeks so I can serve. I learn, test, and reflect with intensity because I’m obsessed with figuring out how a human can unlock everything this beautiful life has to offer.

The Stay Grounded Podcast is one of my personal tools for navigating this path.

Over the past several years I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in the best masterminds, training, courses, and mentors to further my own understanding of this human experience.

This quest has connected me with some of the most talented, smartest, awakened healers, teachers, spiritual savants, and individuals navigating their inner journeys on planet earth. Every person I’ve met has a story to tell that holds the potential to inspire your next steps in the way that they have mine.

As a listener of Stay Grounded, you get a direct connection with my personal network of peers, teachers, and visionaries – so you too can learn to master the art of living and return to wholeness by committing to your own journey of healing.

Weekly Inspiration For People Choosing The Extraordinary Path Through Life.

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Working on myself and healing some of my deepest wounds has been the single biggest catalyst for success and fulfillment in my life.

Personal development increases your capacity to be, have, and do more of the things your soul desires. Healing connects you to the warrior of love that’s waiting inside; transforming you into a beacon of personal power and a vessel for impactful service.

The brighter you shine, the more you can give. The deeper you dive into your own experiences, the more insights you can pull out for others. The more you connect to your truth, the easier it becomes to show up in your fullness for the people who you love and care about.

Healing is a catalyst for wholeness, and everything in your life shifts when you live through this lens. From business to health, to relationships, and wealth, healing maximizes your impact in it ALL.

It’s for this reason that Stay Grounded focuses on paths for healing by sparking conversations that crack you open and connect you to the truth of who you are inside.

Each week, I follow my curiosity to ask my guests deep-dive, vulnerable, spiritually audacious questions that stem from being absolutely present in conversation. Guests are inspired to go to the next-level of their being – so we can all unlock new levels of truth, insight, wisdom, and freedom.

With the help of thousands of conversations and my own journey of healing, I’ve discovered three aspects to “doing the work” that when maximized, unlock the full potential of the human experience. These are the categories of Building Awareness, Healing & Transformation, and Integration & Support. Every Stay Grounded episode falls into at least one of these categories.

Click on the icons below to learn more about each aspect of the healing journey.

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The ability to become aware of one’s self is one of the most important skill sets that anyone on the journey of healing and personal development can master. When you’re aware of your triggers, your unconscious patterns, and the beliefs that power your decision making process, you give yourself the ability to consciously make changes that can empower a more aligned way of being.

Each month I will be releasing a monthly reflection episode that showcases how I leverage different tools and practices to build more awareness of how I am showing up in the world. This is a raw, behind the scenes look into my own reflection practices and shared with the sole intent to use my life and healing journey as inspiration for your own.

When it comes to the idea of “healing” or “growth”, most people focus on one or two aspects of themselves without realizing the multi-dimensional nature of the human experience. After thousands of conversations and diving deep into my own work, I have realized that each being is made up of four distinct parts: The Mind, the Body, the Spirit, and the Heart. 

The tools that accelerate an individual’s personal development and healing journey will vary depending on their unique upbringing, beliefs, and natural affinities – which is why I focus on showcasing various healing modalities that can allow you to connect deeply with the four aspects of your being. My goal with these episodes is to bring more awareness to different tools that activate and engage different parts of you, so that you can lean into healing modalities that resonate most with you and create your own unique “healing blueprint.” 

Becoming aware of yourself and learning how to heal the mind, body, spirit, and heart are only the first few legs of the journey. The true magic is experienced in integrating your newfound awareness and healed states into daily life. True, long-lasting change only happens when you have the courage to have the hard conversations, create new patterns, and make the commitment to step into the most authentic expression of who you came to be in this world. 

That’s why the integration and support episodes exist. Inside of these episodes, I will be bringing on people from all walks of life who are in different stages of their journeys to inspire yours. Everyone from best-selling authors to business moguls, to extreme athletes and monks, to everyday spiritual savants who are doing the work. I want to showcase inspiring examples of the change that is possible when we choose to do the work, face our fears, and step into the greatness that has always existed within.


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Above all, Stay Grounded is a resource to help you navigate your personal journey through life - so you never have to feel alone or uninspired.

Stay Grounded is a passion project for me. I do this from a place of personal growth, service, and love – to give you a springboard along your own journey. The reason I do this work is because I’ve seen for myself the power and transformation that comes from integrating healing into your life.

I’m always looking for new guests and new topics to cover, so please reach out. Tell me what guests you’d like to see me interview on the show. Let me know your biggest questions and I’ll find the people to answer them.

Above all, get involved in the community. Make soul-igniting conversations a non-negotiable part of your week. I guarantee you’ll tap into life-changing insights that spark fresh perspectives on extraordinarily living so you can be the ripple in your life