EP 232. Zarak Fatah: Finding Your Soul’s Geographical Home

“When you have that time and space to really reflect and sit in your s**t, to be able to actually be there with it and feel it, sit in it, process it, you quickly develop your boundaries, your parameters, you know what you won’t do in the future.”


What if there was a place in the world where you could recalibrate to your soul’s calling – AKA your geographical home.

Zarak Fatah is a transformational Life Coach who guides male entrepreneurs to experience more aliveness, love, deeper meaning, and purpose through his events and coaching. Zarak is a man who walks his talk. His 40th birthday brought a stark, undeniable realization that he wasn’t where he wanted to be (and where he thought he would be).

This wake-up was the catalyst for igniting a 180-degree shift in his life.

Zarak swapped the city for the jungle, reinvented himself, and as a result, is now living his dream of a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life. In this episode, he shares how he got here.



If you feel the call to reinvent your life and step more fully into what your soul intended, this delicious conversation is the catalyst you need.


These are the key takeaways that Zarak and I explored together:

  • What does it mean to be ALIVE?
  • Stepping away from aspects of life to more deeply connect with yourself.
  • Why we’re called to specific geographical locations.
  • How stepping away elevates your clarity.
  • Differentiating between the voices of obligation and vanity versus truth.
  • The unintentional choices that change us to the core.
  • The difference between masculine & feminine energy.
  • What the ego protects us from.
  • The journey of reparenting yourself.
  • Rewriting the stories to change your life.
  • Choosing to believe that love is safe.
  • And more…


This episode is a masterclass in vulnerability. You rarely get to see someone pouring out their heart in such an open and honest way.

There’s not enough vulnerability in our world. As a result, it’s hard for us to cultivate deep connections and express the buried things in our souls. Zarak is an incredible example of what it means to not only be vulnerable but to use the courage to show up as fuel to inspire others.

I believe the more we see vulnerability, the more we can pattern match to its safety. Eventually, being vulnerable becomes a genuine option for you. Imagine how that could change our lives – and ultimately the world.



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Ep 230. Raj Jana – April Reflection: The Importance Of Filling Up Your Own Cup

“I really feel like I’m getting to that point where I now know when something undesirable is happening, like a trigger it’s here to teach me something and it’s on me. It’s my responsibility to understand what that is.”

This episode is my personal reflection for April 2022. Looking back, April was a very triggering month for me. I had a lot of things happening in my work, my relationships, and my relationship with self. It’s been an emotionally charged month. It was tough navigating everything and the combination of experiences made me feel exposed. In turn, I instinctively sought external validation from those I love.

As I shined the light of awareness on this pattern, I was able to uncover the learning opportunity. I saw the invitation to deepen further into self-love. I heard the call to take responsibility to fill up my own cup. To create internal validation. To know at a deeper level who I am is enough.

It’s been a beautiful journey that’s sparked so much growth – and I can’t wait to share it with you in this episode.



As usual, my good friend and muse Georgina EL Morshdy is here to hold space and guide the conversation. As you’ll hear in the episode, a lot of what I’m processing around validation and perception is something Georgina’s also working on.

The synchronicities are magical.

In this episode, Georgina & I explore:

  • Listening to others through the lens of presence.
  • How I’m deepening into my triggers.
  • Conditioning ourselves to find love within.
  • How staying grounded connects me with my power.
  • Discerning the energy that you’re making decisions from.
  • Remembering who I really am.
  • Who would you be if you followed your heart & flowed with life?
  • Why every emotional experience is an opportunity to learn.
  • And more…

What I love most about my monthly reflection episodes. It’s that the insights I share come from my lived experiences. I’m not planning to have these lessons. I’m not trying to find things to share with you! Instead, these growth opportunities show up for me organically. Using the lens of reflection and awareness, I make sure I learn from them.

I hope you find something in here that benefits your lived experiences.



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