Dr. Alec Verkuilen Brogan

Episode 293


Remembering Your Infinite Nature

This week’s very special guest is my brother Dr. Alec Verkuilen-Brogan.

Dr. Alec is a professor of spiritual anatomy at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, focused on studying the beauty of the subtle body. He is a traditionally trained network chiropractor who brings this knowledge into the Vedic tradition to support deep transformation of consciousness.

Dr. Alec is also the founder of Geometry of Grace, a modern metaphysical framework that uses sacred systems like astrology, Tarot, and Human Design as maps and mirrors for awakening. The geometry of grace paradigm guides people to tune into their unique nature and align with grace.

Through his study of Jyotish, Human Design, and 15+ years spent apprenticing under his root teacher Sadhguru, Dr. Alec’s work offers a map of the territory that must be traversed on the journey to remembering one’s infinite nature. His fascination with the spine inspires people to dive deep into their own spiritual anatomy.

In this wide-ranging discussion, we discuss:

  • Moving beyond separateness to recognize the oneness of all life
  • Honoring your unique human design and inner authority
  • Facing down limitations and illusions to relinquish what is not real
  • The role of devotion, prayer, and mysticism in staying grounded
  • Why life gets more mysterious as we awaken to truth

With decades of experience guiding others to self-realization, Dr. Alec offers rare insights into the spiritual process of burning away all that is untrue to uncover one’s infinite essence. I hope you enjoy listening to this beautiful conversation.


0:32 – Meet Alec Brogan

3:57 – Illusions of Loneliness

10:37 – The Rhythm of Our Nature

17:12 – How to Accrue Karma

23:17 – The Geometry of Grace

28:52 – Why you should stay connected to Grace

35:22 – Initiation in truth

44:35 – The Awakening in your initiation

51:06 – The Revelation of your true self (edited) 


These are the links mentioned in the episode:

Website: https://www.geometryofgrace.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geometryofgrace

Email: geometryofgrace@gmail.com

Naropa University: https://www.naropa.edu/