raj jana

Raj Jana

Episode 290


Trusting The Universal Timeline

To mark the first official full-length episode of Stay Grounded Season 2, I’m bringing you my reflection for July – a super vulnerable month of closures, deep questions, and surrendering to forces beyond my control, which challenged my ego in every way.   


Tune in now and hear Georgina and I explore: 


  • What shifts when you choose to feel the things you’re most afraid of? 
  • Taking the medicine of surrender. 
  • Making the decision to close my coffee club. 
  • The power of accessing future versions of myself in the quantum. 
  • Exploring the cycles of death and rebirth.
  • The interaction of soul, ego, and universal timelines.  
  • Daring to dream and asking the universe for what you want. 
  • The work of evolving as a soul.
  • Working through my core wound with Liber8’s processes. 
  • And more…


As I continue along my awakening path, I’m more and more clear that we evolve in a spiral. This is why we often feel a hint of familiarity when facing challenges and growth opportunities. Same core wound, but a different perspective and entry point. A test from life. Have you really learned the lesson, or is there something deeper to excavate and resolve? Such is the curriculum of the soul. 


The soul is endless and moves on an infinite timeline. Yes, the ego can get frustrated, scared, or shamed when it feels it should be someone else, doing something else. But the soul knows better. The soul knows that parts of it must die before new versions can be born. The soul knows that surrendering to what wants to happen is the most effective medicine for the nervous system. The soul knows the truth. The question is, can we hold true to what’s real, authentic, and aligned – especially in the face of challenge? 


July gave me a ton of opportunities to help integrate these principles and deep concepts, and I’m excited to share it all with you when you tune in.




Disclaimer: The content of this podcast is not intended to replace professional mental health support. Listeners should always consult with a licensed mental health professional before using any tools or strategies discussed on the show.


0:00 – Intro 

4:00 – Becoming my own coach  

7:00 – Understanding awareness and triggers 

12:00 – Moving through life at the universe’s pace

15:00 – Connecting to your inherent “enoughness” 

20:00 – Appreciating the challenge  

24:00 – Adjusting to transition points 

30:00 – Understanding what life is teaching us.

36:00 – Working through core wounds 

41:00 – Creating clarity in your life 

46:00 – Cultivating community and awakening with others. 

49:00 – Choosing the divine love within yourself 

50:00 – Season 2 updates