Andrew Horn

Episode 291


How to Overcome Your Shame Stories

This week’s episode is with my brother Andrew Horn.

Andrew is the founder of Tribute, which the New Yorker recently called “Hallmark 2.0.” Tribute makes it easy to create group video montages and send 1-on-1 video greetings and gifts to the people you love. Since starting, Tribute has sent over 5 million video montages to people.

In addition to Tribute, Andrew is the founder of Junto – a non-profit organization that is committed to the exploration of modern masculinity and personal transformation. The organization hosts men’s wilderness retreats and virtual masterminds across the United States.

Through his various ventures, Andrew has dedicated his life to helping others foster genuine self-trust, authenticity, and vulnerability. He is passionate about helping others build nourishing relationships from a place of self-awareness and empowerment.

I cannot think of someone more qualified than Andrew when it comes to teaching how to successfully create meaningful relationships. Here are a few topics we cover:

  • Developing an “autotelic” personality to cultivate more flow in your life.
  • Practical tips to ease social anxiety.
  • How to ask great questions and shift self-consciousness when you’re in conversation with others
  • Embracing the power of active appreciation in solidifying important relationships in your life.
  • Breaking free from shame-inducing stories and establishing positive self-beliefs
  • Why being authentic for the sake of being authentic is not helpful for your relationships
  • And so much more…

Andrew is one of the most inspiring human beings I know. He walks the talk, lives form a foundation of deep gratitude and has designed a life that is RICH in emotional and relational wealth. I hope this conversation serves as a helpful resource for you to improve the quality and depth of your interpersonal relationships.


0:00 – Introducing Andrew Horn

3:58 – Flow state triggers

7:30 – The Antidote To Anxiety.

9:30 – The ICAN Method

12:00 – Tapping into your curiosity

15:45 – How To Like Yourself With Everyone

16:15 – Discernment and speaking truth

21:00 – Purpose vs Calling

24:11 – What is a soul?

31:00 – Overcoming social anxiety

36:45 – The shame cycle

42:00 – Connecting authentically with others

47:16 – How do you make your decisions?

52:00 – Overcoming shame

1:00:00 – Living in the Now – Presence

1:10:00 – How does Andrew Stay Grounded?

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