raj jana

Raj Jana

Episode 289


Welcome to Season 2 of Stay Grounded

After almost five years of podcasting and nearly 300 episodes recorded, I am excited to announce…


Season 2 of Stay Grounded!


It’s been over 5 years since I launched Stay Grounded. The show started out as a tagline for my first company, JavaPresse, with the intention to inspire you to infuse more passion and fulfillment into your daily life.


As beautiful of an intention that is, I have had a hard time sticking to it. As I evolved over the years, so did the show. The questions I asked shifted as I navigated incredible highs and debilitating lows. Through business failures and breakups. Through peak experiences and adventures. Through profound transformations and evolutions.


Who I am is not the same young man that began down this path. As I was reflecting on this, I realized I haven’t updated the branding, intro, outro, or feel of the podcast to align with who I am today and what I’m most passionate about stewarding into the world.


Hence, the revamp


Season 2 will have the same caliber of amazing guests, same depth, and the same Raj you’ve grown to know and love. But instead of just helping you STAY grounded throughout your day, we’ll be sharing perspectives to help you BECOME the most grounded, whole, liberated versions of yourself that you can possibly be.


Thank you all for being part of my journey. Thank you for giving me the gift of your attention. So excited to share what’s coming next.