Alec Brogan: Destiny and Free Will

Dr. Alec Verkuilen Brogan

Episode 296


The Dance Between Destiny and Free Will

In this week’s episode of Stay Grounded, host Raj Jana is joined again by Dr. Alec Verkuilen-Brogan, professor of Anatomy at Naropa University. The last episode Raj recorded with Alec was such a hit that he couldn’t wait to bring him back for a follow up. 

Dr. Alec takes a multidimensional approach to understanding human potential, integrating chiropractic, Vedic sciences, Jyotish astrology, and Human Design. His fascination with spiritual anatomy and the subtle energies of the body led him to develop ways of supporting grounded awakening and embodiment.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Alec’s journey has been shaped through transformative experiences with plant medicine and guidance from teachers like Sadhguru. He now shares these maps and tools with others to reveal the beauty and uniqueness within each soul.

Key insights include using astrological systems to understand life’s timing, embodying your Human Design for authenticity, allowing initiations to come naturally, and integrating spiritual wisdom into modern life.

In addition to these key insights, Raj and Dr. Alec explore:

  • Alec’s mystical experience as a teenager that illuminated new dimensions of awareness
  • How our astrological charts reveal soul purpose and life’s hidden logic
  • Using Human Design to unlock alignment with our true nature
  • Leaning into initiations while avoiding forcing or grasping
  • Embodying spirituality to embrace life more fully
  • Teaching integrative wisdom traditions as maps to self-realization
  • Daily spiritual practice as an anchor through all of life’s changes

Dr. Alec offers illuminating perspectives for living with purpose while honoring the soul’s destiny. Tune in for a fascinating glimpse into ancient sciences and grounded spirituality.



0:48 – Intro / How Alec found himself

13:37 – The awareness of purpose

17:29 – How to have a mentor and still walk your own path

29:41 –  The foundations of learning the soul

36:25 – Listen to yourself  (it will tell you who you are)

45:14 – How Alec Stays Grounded


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