Carissa Johnsen: Spiritual DNA

Carissa Johnsen

Episode 295


Activating Your Spiritual DNA

Activating Your Spiritual DNA

This week’s amazing guest is Carissa Johnsen.

With a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and over 7 years experience as an Intuitive, Channel, and Energy Healer, Carissa merges ancient wisdom with modern leadership principles to support high-impact leaders in reaching new levels of wholeness and prosperity by helping them access their deepest spiritual gifts.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Carissa shares:

  • What spiritual gifts are and how they connect us to unseen realms
  • Her journey through an intense dark night of the soul to discover her true gifts
  • Why community support is crucial when abilities first come online
  • How to listen to the wisdom of your heart and soul
  • Practices like prayer and presence to stay grounded
  • How to trust the mysterious unfolding of your path

Carissa offers potent insights into the challenging but rewarding process of a spiritual awakening. We talk in depth about how trauma healing and taking the time to process repressed emotion creates space for your gifts to flourish.

I hope this conversation offers a glimpse into the future of human potential as spiritual abilities awaken on a mass scale. 

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0:00 – Introduction

2:45 – What is a spiritual gift?

5:15 – How Spiritual Gifts change the way you live

38:33 – The identity of your true self

44:47 – What is Manifestation

50:04 – How does Carissa Stay Grounded?