EP 231. Justin & Leigh: The Deepest Silence You’ve Ever Known

“Tuning into silence is just taking time to listen to nothing in particular… just tuning into the simple essence of what is.”

The WHO has ranked noise pollution as only second to air pollution in its impact on human well being. Our world has become noisier and noisier. We’re constantly bombarded with stimuli and notifications  competing for our attention. As a result, it’s becoming harder than ever to disconnect from external chaos and sink into the depths within.

Justin Zorn & Leigh Marz are the authors of Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise. Their perspectives and work on reclaiming the presence of silence in our lives has been taught to the U.S. Congress, Harvard, and Google. Justin & Leigh are committed to empowering people to reclaim silence in their lives – so they can experience the joy of connection, rest, and deep listening.

Justin & Leigh are here to remind us that silence does exist in the world. We just have to find it, honor it, and sink into it. In turn, we’ll experience mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health benefits.



I love how embodied Justin & Leigh are with their message around silence. The conversation we had was so rich and mindful. Together, we unpacked the psychology and science of silence from so many different angles and perspectives.


Key takeaways include: 

  • Defining silence.
  • Silence, noise and their relationship with productivity & GDP.
  • Understanding health issues & life years lost because of auditory noise.
  • Becoming aware of our internal noise.
  • Differentiating between stress & aliveness.
  • How to tune into silence.
  • How Cyrus Habib became a connoisseur of creation.
  • Seeking ‘eudaimonia’.
  • Exploring the discomfort of being.
  • Why Pythagoras required members of his inner circle to spend five years in silence.
  • And more…


If you’re ready to allow silence to be your greatest teacher, tune into this powerful episode to learn how to embody the practice of silence. In turn, you’ll discover how to access new depths of who you are through connectedness, slowness, and pristine quite.  



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Blown away. Spoke to the US Congress, NASA, Google – how to reclaim presence in our lives through silence. Such a practical application of mindfulness. I can tell when people embody their message and Justin and Leigh most certainly do. Such a nourishing, refreshing conversation and a potent reminder of what’s available to us when we drop into deep, palpable silence.

Go nuts on one specific subject. The whole episode about one thing (rather than the usual dancing around). A central topic – and unpack what that means in so many beautiful ways. I felt very grateful that I got to enter into a new level of awareness of silence. Expanded my definition about what it means to connect with silence. I didn’t expect it – and it was beautiful. Also, it’s fun interviewing 2 people at the same time.

Even if it’s just five seconds, can I just go as deep as possible and make those five seconds feel like a lifetime, because that is such a powerful idea that I certainly could use more of.

I realized this the other day I was having writer’s block and like just stuck in this space of not being able to be creative. And you’re both making me realize how it’s actually the key to all of it is coming back to those moments that you can just go deep and not go outside, looking for an answer or a space or something to pull you out of it. It’s not more noise. That’s going to pull you out of it. It’s actually connecting deeply with what’s present and what’s here. And so I’m just really appreciating I’m appreciating both of you right now, actually very much so.

Ep 230. Raj Jana – April Reflection: The Importance Of Filling Up Your Own Cup

“I really feel like I’m getting to that point where I now know when something undesirable is happening, like a trigger it’s here to teach me something and it’s on me. It’s my responsibility to understand what that is.”

This episode is my personal reflection for April 2022. Looking back, April was a very triggering month for me. I had a lot of things happening in my work, my relationships, and my relationship with self. It’s been an emotionally charged month. It was tough navigating everything and the combination of experiences made me feel exposed. In turn, I instinctively sought external validation from those I love.

As I shined the light of awareness on this pattern, I was able to uncover the learning opportunity. I saw the invitation to deepen further into self-love. I heard the call to take responsibility to fill up my own cup. To create internal validation. To know at a deeper level who I am is enough.

It’s been a beautiful journey that’s sparked so much growth – and I can’t wait to share it with you in this episode.



As usual, my good friend and muse Georgina EL Morshdy is here to hold space and guide the conversation. As you’ll hear in the episode, a lot of what I’m processing around validation and perception is something Georgina’s also working on.

The synchronicities are magical.

In this episode, Georgina & I explore:

  • Listening to others through the lens of presence.
  • How I’m deepening into my triggers.
  • Conditioning ourselves to find love within.
  • How staying grounded connects me with my power.
  • Discerning the energy that you’re making decisions from.
  • Remembering who I really am.
  • Who would you be if you followed your heart & flowed with life?
  • Why every emotional experience is an opportunity to learn.
  • And more…

What I love most about my monthly reflection episodes. It’s that the insights I share come from my lived experiences. I’m not planning to have these lessons. I’m not trying to find things to share with you! Instead, these growth opportunities show up for me organically. Using the lens of reflection and awareness, I make sure I learn from them.

I hope you find something in here that benefits your lived experiences.



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Ep 229. Phoebe Mroczek: Why Certainty Is Not Safe

“Can I love what it is and love it exactly the way it is?”

Phoebe Mroczek is my soul sister and one of the most inspiring women I know. She’s been on a relentless pursuit of the greatest levels of love in herself over the past few years and I’ve witnessed her transformation first-hand. Her desire to step into new levels of leadership for herself, her relationship, and her work is so inspiring.


And in this multi-faceted conversation, we explore it all. What does self-love really look like, why we need to befriend the body instead of transcending it, how to accept ALL of life (not just the good bits) – and so much more.



Phoebe Mroczek is the advisor for people who feel unclear, unfulfilled, or unsatisfied with multiple areas of their lives. As an energetic intelligence leader and a media personality in the consciousness space, Phoebe empowers people to create an incredible life, not just a thriving business. As a curious explorer and recovering perfectionist, she’s traveled to nearly 70 countries on 6 continents, been cage diving with great white sharks, camped in the Serengeti, and motorcycled across 15 countries in Europe.


Tune in now to hear Phoebe and I explore: 

  • What does a practice of presence look like?
  • Converting knowledge into mastery.
  • The life-changing impact of getting into the body.
  • Re patterning the internal dialogue to empower yourself.
  • The potent opportunity for women right now.
  • The most beautiful compliment you can give yourself and others.
  • The self-love scavenger hunt.
  • Questions and tactics for deepening into your self-love journey.
  • How relationships hold the power to cultivate deeper levels of self-love.
  • And more…


If you’re looking for a shot of inspiration that will connect you back to the truth of who you are, this episode is for you. Tune in now.



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EP 228. Amy Albright: Waking Up Your Spiritual Gifts

“The most important thing that you can ever give another person is your loving presence.”

I first met this episode’s guest at a dinner. We had an instant connection that led to a deep spiritual conversation. Since that moment, I’ve been so excited to have Dr. Amy Albright on the show.

Dr. Amy’s audacious ownership of who she is inspires me, and I was curious about how one develops the courage to know themselves so deeply. How do you reach the place of trusting your intuition so fearlessly? How do you live a life fully guided by the wisdom within?

This episode is a spiritual journey – almost a 101 for the role of spirituality in these changing times. We cover a LOT, and in particular, explore the incredibly important role that presence plays as an activator, a catalyst, and a gateway to a soul-led life.



Dr. Amy Albright is on a mission to advance humanity. She’s a top-tier executive coach, and strategic business advisor to high-level CEOs, leaders of multi-million & billion-dollar companies, and social change makers. With over 20 years’ experience, Dr. Amy serves as the life-changing catalyst in her clients’ lives. Through her unorthodox methods, Dr. Amy guides her clients through extraordinary transformations using her cutting-edge blend of neuroscience, consciousness, personal development, and business success.

As the co-founder of Holon Evolution, Dr. Amy works to reinvent the operating system for leaders, so they can fulfill their life’s purpose and accomplish their soul’s calling. Her work is potent, powerful, and profound.

Our conversation was so rich and delicious. Amy has access to an incredible depth of wisdom and information. She blew me away and I know she’ll do the same for you too.


Here’s an overview of everything we explored: 

  • What is spiritual intuition?
  • Why do some people wake up and others don’t?
  • Leaning into moments of truth.
  • Remembering and reconnecting with indigenous wisdom.
  • What is a spiritual gift?
  • Expanding our level of consciousness.
  • What is presence?
  • The most important thing you can give to another.
  • What’s happening in presence.
  • The Holon Breath Practice for activating presence.
  • Bifurcation is why we suffer.
  • The potency of making meaning from nature.


If you’re ready to discover the magic that can happen inside of presence – as well as some techniques that can take you there – do not miss this incredible conversation with Dr. Amy Albright.