Jayson Gaignard

Episode 254


The Impact of Leading with Vulnerability

“Vulnerability to me is an expensive gift, and you shouldn’t expect it from cheap people.”

“I mean, the quality of your life comes down to the quality of relationships. If you want good quality relationships, you have to be able to embrace vulnerability and that uncertainty sometimes.”

Jayson Gaignard is a rare breed of entrepreneurial leader because of his willingness to be visible when vulnerable. The old way to succeed was to wear a mask and pretend to have it all figured out. Jayson challenges that paradigm and proves how being vulnerable with others about your struggles, hardships, and even failures can lead to greater levels of impact in a world hungry for connection & belonging.  

Named one of Forbes’s “Top Networkers to Watch” because of his ability to curate highly coveted events, Jayson is the founder of Mastermind Talks – an exclusive community that serves as a container of support, inspiration, and deep belonging for entrepreneurs who value impact and collaboration alongside business. Jayson has been featured in the likes of Entrepreneur, Lifehacker, and Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans. 

Jayson believes entrepreneurs are “community made” rather than self-made. But what does it take to be a person who can guide, support, and empower others? In this episode, Jayson discusses some of the teachers who have taught him on his journey. Teachers include his daughter, who Jayson explains pulls him into his highest expression, as well as the power of vulnerability to encourage self-love and celebrate your unique beauty while honoring others. 

Jayson is a man who cares deeply about people and the land while doing his best. As you’ll hear in this episode, when people are mission-driven, they can sometimes be clouded in doubt. This conversation is a beautiful example of what’s possible when you leverage community and vulnerability as mirrors for your highest expression. 

Key takeaways:

  • The quality of your relationships is indicative of the quality of your leadership. 
  • How tormentors can become mentors. 
  • Exploring the mirrors of your relationships. 
  • An artist who uses business as a canvas. 
  • Leveraging empathy as an edge. 
  • Finding purpose. 
  • Reclaiming the freedom we lost. 
  • How Jayson models self-love to his daughter. 
  • The pattern of being hard on yourself. 
  • Allowing yourself to know you are enough and you’ve done enough. 
  • The art of shifting from DOing to BEing. 
  • And more…

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