Jetta Blaine

Episode 241


Answering The Call To Do The Inner Work

“Resistance is a doorway and on the other side of that doorway can be a lot of power.”

It was such a joy to meet Jetta Blaine at the Feast It Forward Festival. Jetta is a lifestyle integration coach that specializes in using the plant medicine Kambo to facilitate shadow work, catharsis, and rapid transformation. Jetta has a gift for holding space for medicine journeys that guide people to a place of deep healing and purging. 

I have been wanting to bring on more experts to discuss plant medicines on the show for some time now. In my experience, plant medicines and substances are incredible tools for expanding consciousness and revealing aspects of our inner world that we can’t see. 

Although I have never personally tried Kambo, I’m very inspired to learn about different types of substances and rituals for healing & transformation. I was very grateful for the unexpected opportunity to learn about a new healing modality with someone so experienced and skilled with the medicine.

Tune in now to hear Jetta, and I explore topics that include: 

  • Defining the word wholeness. 
  • The courage to embrace hard conversations. 
  • The moment Jetta took responsibility for her life. 
  • What does it mean to bypass? 
  • How toxic positivity can prevent us from doing the work. 
  • The power of getting the right support for your inner work journey. 
  • Inspiring the courage to go within.
  • How to know you’re ready for a medicine journey, and how do you decide what to take. 
  • Defining somatics and building a relationship with your body. 
  • Jetta’s journey back to optimum health. 
  • The one-way ticket to India. 
  • And more…

In this episode, Jetta shares the story that guided her to explore and then practice different healing modalities. This conversation is a reminder that there are many ways to heal. We get to find the modalities that work best for our needs and desires. In the process, we’re invited to use our own discernment while still having reverence for all healing tools. 

After all, the journey to liberate yourself deserves reverence for all the experiences it leads you through. 

If you’re curious to learn more about plant medicines as a tool for your journey, this episode is for you.

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