Jonathan Robinson

Episode 259


The Beginners Guide To Enlightenment

Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, multiple-time best-selling author, and professional speaker from Northern California. His practical methods have reached over 250 million people worldwide, and his work has been translated into over 46 languages. Jonathan has interviewed everyone from the late Mother Teresa to the Dalai Lama, and has spent over 35 years studying the most practical and powerful methods for personal and professional development. He is the brand new author of the book The Enlightenment Project: How I Went From Depressed to Blessed, and You Can Too.

Jonathan has this incredible ability to take esoteric spiritual concepts that are so vast and distil them down into practical actions that anyone can hear, understand, and begin today. We discussed everything from the tools and practices that brought Jonathan out of depression for good to the biggest lessons he learned from interviewing the most prominent spiritual voices of our time. 

I hope this episode empowers your path to more love, connection, and inner peace. 

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