Katie Hamilton Shaffer

Episode 244


Creating An Empowered Relationship With Failure

“I believe every morning when I wake up, and I give gratitude for the fact that my family’s still alive and my kids are healthy that I’m living my dream every with my eyes wide open.”

This episode brings the Feast It Forward series to a close with a doozy of a conversation with visionary thinker Katie Hamilton Shaffer. Katie is the founder and visionary behind Feast It Forward – an intentional cultural lifestyle that combines food, wine, music, and philanthropy spiked with design. Inside this unique, no judgment, adult playground, people can connect, come together, and thrive. 

Katie’s story is one of joining dots, thriving because of NO, and following the call to serve in a big way after her mentor’s daughter was diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder Rett Syndrome. 

Tune in and get activated by Katie’s visionary gifts, her tenacity to live her dream, and her unshakeable commitment to leaving her blueprint in a world of naysayers. 

Key takeaways:

  • Back story – how Feast It Forward came to be. 
  • The art of joining up the dots of your life to create magic. 
  • Why Katie LOVES hearing no. 
  • The tenacity that makes big things happen. 
  • Creating an empowered relationship with failure. 
  • How we mistake passionate confidence for cockiness and ego. 
  • The power of doing what you love.  
  • The art of mindfully turning off the bullsh*t. 
  • And more…

Contact Info:

  • Check out feast.network. 

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