EP. 181 Elia Gourgouris Choosing A Life Of Happiness, Gratitude, & Self-Love

There is a fundamental and universal… almost like a human right, for us to be happy.

If you ask parents around the world what they most want for their kids, most will answer happiness. You could say that happiness is the core aim of the human experience.

So why do so many people struggle to experience one of the feelings we crave the most?

This episode’s guest is Dr. Elia Gourgouris who’s a keynote speaker, author, and president of The Happiness Center – an organization of world-leading experts in the field of Positive Psychology dedicated to creating personal success and happiness.

Dr Elia believes that happiness is a choice. In this episode, Dr Elia shares what he’s learned about the 7 pathways to lasting happiness – and how these paths can lead to self-love, success, and greater work-life balance.

Dr Elia is the author of the #1 bestseller 7 Paths to Lasting Happiness. With his positive psychology background, he’s helped thousands of people over the past 35 years choose happiness. Dr Elia also co-hosts the weekly The Kindness and Happiness Connection podcast and was the Executive Producer of the Reality TV show Cash Cowboys and is currently working on a new Reality TV show called The Kindness Givers!

In this powerful episode, Dr Elia and I explore:

Key takeaways:

  1. Why do we find it hard to believe that happiness is a choice?
  2. Self-forgiveness as a courageous act.
  3. The life-changing advice Elia received from his grandfather when he was five-years-old.
  4. Why helping is a catalyst for happiness and joy.
  5. What does true happiness feel like?
  6. The link between happiness and forgiving.
  7. Why your life is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside.
  8. How to love yourself – even during times of adversity and challenge.
  9. The importance of eliminating toxic relationships from your life.
  10. Healing the fear of being alone.
  11. The difference between needing to know and accepting what is.

Dr Elia explains how you can impact the way you feel by choosing your attitude. When you believe that happiness is a choice, you can back control over your life and intentionally create moments that spark joy.

If you desire more happiness in your life, you’ll love hearing what Dr Elia has to say in this deep-dive conversation.

EP. 190 Nick Onken Everyone Is A Creator. Tapping Into Your Inner Genius

I think identity alchemy is finding who you are at the core.

How do you identify and define yourself when you have multiple interests and multiple talents? How do you encapsulate it all under one umbrella with a common message?

For Nick Onken, the answer is Identity Alchemy – the creative art of deconstructing who you are [and who you’ve been] so you can discover the essence that sits at your core.

This episode’s guest is Nick Onken – a creative alchemist who dances between the roles of photographer, hat designer, podcaster, artist, and entrepreneur. He’s lived a creative life where his curiosity has guided him to shed identities and redefine himself as his work and life have shifted and evolved.

In this episode, Nick and I explore the creative power we can all access – to unleash our inner genius.

Nick Onken has been commissioned by top tier brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, Adidas and publishers such as Cosmopolitan, Conde Nast Traveller and Marie Claire. His portfolio of photographed personalities include Justin Bieber, Usher, Tom Hanks, Jessica Alba and Tony Robbins, to name a few. Nick also supports, and photographs for Pencils of Promise, a reputable non-profit organization using education as the most powerful tool to change the world.

In this beautiful episode, Nick and I explore:

  1. What does identity alchemy mean?
  2. The power of personal brands
  3. The creative force of connecting to the energy of the moment.
  4. Creation as a tool to pull yourself into your truth.
  5. Intentionality and creating your moments.
  6. Dancing between masuline and feminine energies to let the magic flow.
  7. What it means to deconstruct and what secrets this opens up?
  8. Curiosity, exploring the world of possibilities, and creating for the pure joy of it.
  9. And more…

Nick’s on a mission to raise consciousness through the art he creates in the world – no matter what art form that is. He believes everyone is a creator with the ability to explore and express their inner genius – and in this episode he shows you how.

EP. 188 Susanne Goldstein Discovering The Courage To Do What You Were Meant To Do

Belief and trust and faith and ultimately courage comes from understanding that when we move first, the universe actually follows.

When I first met this week’s guest, there were firecrackers! We had an instant connection, and I knew this conversation would be phenomenal.

Susanne Goldstein is a high-end coach and mentor for purpose-driven humans who desire to be a force for good in the world. She helps people live life with their souls on fire, and she’s been coaching and consulting everyone from startups to Fortune 100 companies for over 30 years.

Perhaps most importantly is how Susanne walks her talk. She knows how to cultivate the courage to upgrade herself and follow her dreams, as demonstrated by her impressive career and life moves.

Through her company, DAREHuman, Susanne helps people crack open their consciousness, fortify their emotional foundation, activate their authentic purpose, accelerate their ability to “get sh*t done,” and build high-performing and high-impact entrepreneurial ventures.

Here are some of the key takeaways from this great conversation:

  1. How Susanne sets monthly The[ME]s to upgrade herself like software.
  2. Susanne Version 17.0 and healing yourself through The[ME]s.
  3. Susanne’s Matrix movie ritual for upleveling and upgrading.
  4. The power of asking yourself who you want to BE.
  5. The Habit Framework for being choiceful in moments of chaos.
  6. Standing for the evolution of humanity.
  7. Susanne’s Tom Cruise story for cultivating your ‘it’ factor.
  8. Breaking through the sound barrier as a metaphor for fear.
  9. Playing volleyball with the universe for a better life.
  10. The problem with toxic positivity and the truth about emotions
  11. Working with the DAREHuman Diamond.
  12. And more…

One of the things I loved most about this episode is that Susanne does not hold back on the processes she shares. If you’re looking for some practical tools and inspiring stories to help you upgrade your life, this episode is full of them!

Check it out now…

EP. 186 Joseph Billotti Lessons From A Long Life

The things I’m most grateful for in this moment are actually the lessons and the experiences I had when things were hardest.

One of the things I love most about Stay Grounded is the opportunity it provides to meet people from all walks of life. Over the years, I’ve interviewed some fascinating people, and this episode is no different…

Apart from the way that Joseph Billotti and I met.

I’ve recently been spending time on the phone connecting with JavaPresse Coffee Club OGs. These are people who’ve been drinking JavaPresse coffee for years and I wanted to know what they love about the brand.

89-year-old Joseph was one of the people I interviewed.

What was supposed to be a 15-minute chat about coffee morphed into a deep conversation about life, love, spirituality, service, and more.

Joseph has lived a full and colorful life. He’s traveled over the world as a missionary, fought cancer, and cultivated a deep connection with God. His perspective on life inspired me so much that I invited him onto the show.

He’s one of Stay Grounded’s oldest guests and I’m so excited for you to hear Joseph’s lessons from a long life.

In this episode, we explore:

  1. Joseph’s journey to connecting with himself.
  2. Meaningful coffee rituals. How Joseph starts his day with intention.
  3. “Everything is a prayer”. How Joseph inspires faith in life.
  4. The roles of forgiveness and gratitude.
  5. Joseph’s spiritual beliefs, finding God, and understanding the soul.
  6. Lessons for beautiful friendships.
  7. Joseph’s core message about life after 89 years on this planet.
  8. Navigating cancer.
  9. And more…

It’s a gift to be able to glimpse at life through the eyes of an 89 year old who’s lived through and experienced so much. It’s my hope that you can extract some age-old wisdom for yourself when you listen to this episode.

EP. 184 Bo Cicak Trusting In The Bigger Plan That Life Has For You

Just show up for the plan that the Universe has already provided for you.

We’re living in an age of collective evolution where we’re relearning what it means to be human. More and more people are challenging the old paradigms of success and fulfillment; finding new ways to be, have, and do the things we desire.

Dr Bo Cicak is one of these humans.

Voted San Diego’s #1 Chiropractor in 2019 and 2020, Dr Bo is an embodied example of what it means to prioritize health and create a life attuned to a spiritual calling.

In this episode, Dr Bo explores his journey to trusting in an unseen power as he’s learned to prioritize the inner world and live a more responsive life.

Tune in now to hear how chiropractic philosophy can increase your capacity to surrender to the pull of life – as you stay grounded in what matters most to you.

Dr Bo Cicak is an educator of health and a student of life. He offers a profound perspective on how to become the very best version of yourself. As a Chiropractor, his focus is not only on proper alignment of your spine but also to ensure you learn all the necessary health habits in order to correct your condition and live life to the fullest.

In this episode, Dr Bo and I explore how to find greater meaning in all that you do – so that you can become all that you are and create your best life.

Some key takeaways include:

  1. The importance of optimizing for the way you feel.
  2. How to know when you’re out of flow.
  3. The power of starting your day internally instead of externally.
  4. Transforming our understanding of hard work.
  5. Dance, movement, loosening up and alchemizing unsettled energy.
  6. Tapping into the WHY behind the energies and emotions you feel.
  7. A dive into chiropractic philosophy.
  8. The physical weight of an emotional thought. [Example from my relationship break-up].
  9. How Bo’s career shift is an example of an act of surrender.
  10. What it means to surrender to life.
  11. And more…

If you know there’s more to life, and you’re ready to sink into what your heart, body, and emotions are calling you to explore, this episode is for you.

EP. 178 Tracey Ivanyshyn How Leaders Can Create Sacred Space For Grief & Loss

Loss is part of life and we have to be able to support people better.

COVID interrupted our lives in so many unexpected ways. As the fallout of the pandemic continues, people across the world are experiencing loss and grief in ways we couldn’t have predicted.

Some people are working through job losses, business closures, and shifts in the way we socialize, travel, and work. Others are navigating the grief of losing a loved one. In this way, COVID has brought the subject of death to the surface. Death is a conversation many of us in the western world are ill equipped to hold, handle, or lead – at work and in our homes.

Serial entrepreneur – Tracey Ivanyshyn – is on a mission to change this way of being by helping founders and companies create a culture that holds space for good grief at work. This work is so important – especially during these times – because companies that can hold space for ‘good grief’ are stronger; as are their people.

Tracey is the CEO of three companies, a founder and a soul centered leader. She’s also a ‘retired’ social worker, with recent studies in Palliative Care, The Art of Dying and The Grief Journey.

Selected to join Virgin Unite’s 100% Human at Work Group, Tracey attends quarterly gatherings with the Virgin Group of Companies. She’s published in their annual Culture Experiments Collection alongside many corporate culture giants – Google, Zappos, Chanel, Unilever, Ideo and NextJump to name a few.

In life, death is the only thing that’s certain, which means grief will tap us all on the shoulder at some point. By empowering people and companies to create sacred space for ‘good grief’, Tracey opens the door to borrow wisdom from death, so we can better live.

Key takeaways:

  1. The mindset for shifting the grief conversation.
  2. Understanding the power of acknowledging loss.
  3. How to hold and support someone with grief.
  4. What are meaningful condolences?
  5. Allowing empathy to guide your response to grief.
  6. Exploring rituals for grief and remembrance.
  7. Tangible ways leaders can open up about grief and loss.
  8. Letters to a 10-year-old. Why Tracey is inspired to support people in grief.
  9. The two questions people ask at the end of life that you could be asking now.
  10. And more…

This episode’s conversation is so beautiful. Tracey’s empathy, compassion, and heart shines through. She makes a challenging topic feel like a safe space to explore. Check it out for yourself.

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Tracey Ivanyshyn