Tricia Eastman

Episode 329


Accessing the Wisdom of Indigenous Elders

In this profound and soul-stirring episode of Stay Grounded, Raj engages in a captivating conversation with renowned speaker, artist, writer Tricia Eastman. Tricia Eastman, a lineage-honoring medicine woman and founder of nonprofit Ancestral Heart, bridges worlds rooted in her mestiza ancestry with profound insights from a decade of Bwiti initiations and training. Together, they delve into the realms of indigenous wisdom, initiation, and the alchemical process of transformation. Tricia shares her personal journey of reconnecting with her ancestral roots and the powerful experiences that have shaped her path as a facilitator of healing and awakening. Through their dialogue, Raj and Tricia uncover the deep significance of embracing our shadows, listening to the wisdom of the Earth, and cultivating a daily practice to stay grounded amidst the challenges of modern life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of reconnecting with our ancestral wisdom and the intelligence of nature in the process of healing and spiritual growth.
  • The Earth as a teacher, offering transmissions and lessons through the unique qualities of different places and the elements present in those environments.
  • The process of alchemy, turning the negredo (shadow) into gold (life force energy) requires facing our fears and leaning into initiatory experiences.
  • Indigenous elders, such as the Kogi Mamos, offer urgent warnings about the state of our planet and the need for humanity to become better stewards of the Earth.

This episode is a clarion call for listeners to embrace the path of initiation and transformation, both for personal growth and for the healing of our planet. Tricia’s wisdom and experiences serve as a reminder that by reconnecting with our ancestral roots, listening to the wisdom of the Earth, and facing our shadows, we can alchemize our challenges into fuel for our soul’s purpose. Whether you are drawn to indigenous traditions, psychedelics, or simply the quest for a more grounded and awakened life, this conversation will inspire you to dive deeper into the mystery of your own being and the interconnectedness of all life.

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