Alyeria Faith

Episode 317


How To Let Your Nervous System Heal Itself

On this week’s episode, Raj speaks with transformation coach Alyeria Faith about how we can learn to trust our body’s innate wisdom when it comes to healing from emotional wounds and trauma.

Alyeria shares her powerful personal journey of moving through childhood attachment wounds and freeing herself from the binds of past pain. She beautifully articulates how when we can meet our challenging emotions with non-judgment and compassion, we allow space for repressed energy and trauma to move through us, bringing heightened alignment and expansion.

Tune into this soul-stirring conversation to discover:

  • Why emotions are not obstacles, but gateways waiting to reveal truths about ourselves in their own unique language.
  • Practices like prayer and conscious “pausing” that help rupture the illusion of limitation created by our survival-based minds.
  • The incredible difference between healing from a space of lack versus one of empowered wholeness.
  • Simple but profound tools to help anchor in presence, cultivate courage, expand inner freedom.

If you find yourself constantly struggling upstream against feelings you just can’t shake or pain that continues its haunting echoes through relationships and daily life, this is an absolutely essential listen. Let Alyeria be your guide to finally coming home in yourself – body, mind and soul.

Time stamps:

0:00 – Intro

10:00 – Faith and knowing

13:58 – How much of your soul do you think you’re living from?

26:00 – Knowing you’re safe in your experience

31:00 – Developing the courage to surrender

38:00 – Moving into expansion

47:00 – How to find Alyeria

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