Devon Kerns

Devon Kerns

Episode 297


Releasing The Need For Control

In this week’s episode of Stay Grounded, host Raj Jana explores the journey of surrender and flow with serial entrepreneur, executive coach, and consciousness explorer Devon Kerns.

With over 25 years in business and over 11,000 hours of experience logged coaching and consulting for political leaders and fortune 500 executives while diving deep into his own spiritual practices, Devon shares his wisdom on releasing attachment, trusting intuitive guidance, and embodying our divine nature.

Key topics include:

  • Devon’s mystical experience at age 15 that set him on the spiritual path
  • Using the heart’s intelligence versus the thinking mind
  • Recognizing we are receivers, not doers in the flow of life
  • Releasing control and the need to “try”
  • Honoring all of life’s experiences as part of the divine dance
  • Integration versus evangelism – respecting each soul’s journey
  • Devon’s daily spiritual practice keeps him anchored in presence

Devon offers illuminating perspectives from his own unfolding journey of self-realization. Tune in for profound insights on moving through life with grace and ease instead of struggle.This expansive dialogue provides tools to release attachments, judgments and the need for control.


0:00 – Introduction

4:00 – Devon’s story

9:00 – The experience of the now

19:00 – The sense of impermanence

22:00 – The power of “No Thought”

34:00 – The knowing that you can.

38:00 – How aware can you be in all moments?

46:00 – Surrendering to the gratitude of life.

54:00 – We are already whole.

1:11:00 – What does it mean to stay grounded?

Disclaimer: The hosts and guests are not medical or mental health professionals, and their advice should not be a substitute for seeking professional help.

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