Sarah Speers

Episode 319


Breaking Food Addiction Through Emotional Release

In this episode, Raj speaks with Sarah Spears about her journey of healing from an eating disorder using emotional release techniques. With over a decade of experience as a licensed therapist, eating psychology coach, EFT practitioner, and certified reiki master, Sarah intimately understands the mind-body connection and has leveraged her journey of recovering from an eating disorder into a passion for helping others achieve freedom from their pain.

A few things they discuss:

  • How tapping into long-buried emotions finally enabled Sarah to break free from years of secret bulimia after failed attempts to control her compulsions.
  • Why we emotionally eat and abuse substances – the childhood origins of losing touch with our feelings.
  • The unexpected mental, physical and spiritual shifts Sarah began experiencing when she found the courage to express anger for the first time.
  • How fully feeling rather than feeding our feelings opens conduits to self-trust, embodiment and unconditional self-love.
  • Where mindfulness reaches its limit – and how Sarah accessed radical new dimensions of joy and creativity by connecting to her Highest Self.

Sarah guides people to break free from the food addiction cycle by discovering the emotional roots perpetuating their issues and developing skills to healthfully feel, express and release pent up energies for good. This episode offers an integrative approach addressing mind, body and spirit simultaneously so we can transform our inner worlds and outward habits for lasting change.

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