Brian Johnson

Episode 314


Stepping Into Your Heroic Potential

In this episode, Raj sits down with Brian Johnson who has dedicated over two decades towards studying and integrating ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools to help people enhance their potential.

As the Founder & CEO of Heroic Public Benefit Corporation, Brian is committed to helping create a world where 51% of humanity is flourishing by 2051. As a modern philosopher and teacher, Brian has helped millions of people optimize their lives, trained 10,000+ coaches in 100+ countries, and created protocols scientifically demonstrated to drive change.

Tune in to learn:

  • Hard-won wisdom from ancient philosophy on building empowering identity
  • Mastering life’s “basics” to create the foundation for living aligned to your heroic potential
  • Steps to override self-doubt and evolutionary programming holding you back
  • Daily practices to tap into latent abilities towards higher aims
  • Crafting your own epic narrative fused with symbolic meaning

If you’re looking to actualize more of your potential and lead a life of excellence grounded in ancient wisdom and modern science, don’t miss this inspiring conversation. You’ll come away with practical perspectives and tools to start living your heroic potential.

Tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential

Heroic (app by Brian’s company focused on actualizing potential)

Heroic Coach Certification Program (has trained 10,000+ coaches globally)

Phil Stutz (Brian’s coach, featured in documentary “Stutz”)

David Allen (author Brian interviewed)

Barbara Fredrickson (scientist researching science of love)

Patrick McKeown (author of “The Oxygen Advantage” on breathwork)

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