Angie Netterville

Angie Netterville

Episode 313


Using Cancer As A Catalyst For Change

In this week’s episode of Stay Grounded, Raj interviews a cancer thriver who recently completed Liber8’s Precision Emotional Healing for Cancer program. 

If you or someone you love has been impacted by cancer, you know the immense physical, mental, and emotional toll it can take. While essential, standard medical treatments are simply not enough. Angie’s story beautifully illustrates how holistically supporting mental and emotional health can profoundly improve quality of life and health outcomes.  

In the Precision Emotional Healing for Cancer program, participants like Angie undergo a proprietary mapping process to pinpoint core wounds and hidden stressors that may be sabotaging health and wellbeing. They receive tailored support and practices to process old pain, build self-worth, and move forward with more resilience and joy. 

A few things discussed on this episode: 

– Angie was first diagnosed with a rare blood cancer (hairy cell leukemia) at age 41, then had two additional recurrences. Her cancer journey has been stressful and emotionally difficult.  

– She intuitively felt stress played a major role and tried various things like meditation and therapy to relieve it, but still felt overwhelmed.

– Angie joined Liber8’s Precision Emotional Healing for Cancer program after seeing Raj in a video. She intuitively trusted that this program could help support her recovery.

– Through the 3 month program, Angie gained profound insight into core wounds and pain points sabotaging her health. We discuss her tailored program for building self-worth, confidence to trust her intuition, and the ability to handle challenges with more ease and humor. 

The transformations the Liber8 program facilitates for cancer patients are remarkable – improved labs and scans, healed relationships, enhanced energy, purpose and zest for life. Angie described emerging with greater confidence, intuition, and excitement to pursue her soul’s calling of serving others impacted by cancer. 

If you found Angie’s experience relatable and inspiring, visit to learn more about this innovative program and upcoming cohort dates. Investing in emotional healing and empowerment could be one of the most meaningful gifts you give yourself or a loved one on the cancer journey.


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