Dan Russell

Raj Jana and Dan Russell

Episode 312


Learning To Sit With Our Triggers

In this thought-provoking discussion, Dan Russell chats with Raj Jana about the discomfort that often arises when we allow ourselves to sit with challenging emotions and triggers. They explore how we can build the “courage muscle” to lean into these difficult spaces on the path to growth and self-discovery.

By sharing vulnerable stories from their journeys, they expose how suppressed trauma, limiting beliefs, and unresolved pain can silently manifest in the body as symptoms like fatigue, skin issues, sexual dysfunction, and poor digestion. 

Our guest Dan Russell brings a deep experience in personal development and spiritual discovery to this conversation. As the founder of Hama, a personal growth community offering online and in-person programs focused on enlightenment, Dan has dedicated himself to researching techniques and tools for conscious living. After stepping back from a successful marketing career to embark on his own journey of self-inquiry, he now guides others looking to actualize the best version of themselves.

Key takeaways:

  • Plant medicines and other modalities can bring unconscious beliefs and traumas to the surface, but the real work happens in how skillfully we integrate these lessons into our daily living.
  • Sitting with discomfort and leaning into triggered emotional spaces with courage is essential for growth – this builds our “awareness muscle.”
  • Realigning with our deepest principles helps us stay anchored in a state of grace, allowing external triggers to bounce off us.
  • Cultivating proactive awareness through stillness practices allows us to pause and retain choice over our responses rather than blindly reacting.
  • The journey of self-inquiry and consciously working on ourselves is a profound gift that serves our life purpose in each passing moment.

This insightful discussion reminds us that integrating our experiences and doing the ongoing work of “becoming” is what enables real and lasting transformation. If you found value in it, share it with a friend you feel might resonate!


Tools/ resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Plant medicines (e.g. ayahuasca, hape/rapé)
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Monthly reflection on highs, lows, triggers, lessons
  • Principle extraction and review
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Therapy/coaching
  • Liber8 app: https://liber8.health/
  • Biohacking devices
  • Retreats
  • Books:  The 4-Hour Workweek and Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton



0:00 – Introduction

4:00 – Raj’s story –

10:23 – Growing up religious

13:00 – Our beliefs about health

16:00 – Finding the root of your health problem

23:00 – Being an infinite soul on an endless timeline

26:30 – What is mindfulness?

33:00 – Garbage in garbage out –

41:00 – The skill of sitting in spaciousness


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