Philip McKernan

Episode 310


The Courage To Let Things Die

This week, Raj speaks with internationally renowned coach and speaker Philip McKernan about the courage required to face messy truths and let things die.

As founder of the One Last Talk movement and SoulSet philosophy, Philip has built an impressive career guiding entrepreneurs and leaders to uncover their gifts and live aligned impactful lives. His unique thinking challenges the status quo and brings refreshing dialogues around personal clarity and transition.

Philip’s decades of experience empowering teams like the Canadian Olympic squad and The Pentagon as well as individuals across 80 countries gives him deep insight into the human journey. From spearheading an orphanage in Peru to producing films exploring concepts like giving, Philip has walked his talk in awe-inspiring ways.

Show Highlights:

  • Why avoiding truth takes more energy than facing it
  • How Philip’s own relationship with “giftedness” has evolved
  • The importance of letting go of things you love when it’s time
  • Following intuition even when it sounds crazy
  • Taking responsibility for the hurt in our lives

Philip challenges us to courageously peer within, embrace uncomfortable truths, and give birth to latent gifts ready for the world—are you prepared for that journey? By listening to this episode, you’ll feel stirred to live more fully from the power of your authentic being.


0:00 – Introduction

6:00 – The Truth Is A Sledgehammer 

11:00 – Fear of being seen 

17:40 – What does giftedness feel like? 

25:40 – The Beauty in falling away. 

38:00 – The truth of your authenticity 

43:30 – Following your intuitions 

51:00 – Getting in touch with Philip


Tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

One Last Talk by Philip McKernan

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Philip McKernan’s website

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