Raj Jana

Episode 309


My Annual Reflection Process Revealed

You love my monthly reflections, where I share my honest, personal, and practical insights. Now, I am giving you a special gift: my yearly reflection process. This is how I review my past year and prepare for the next one. You’ll learn how to close this year with gratitude and intention, and how to create a vision for the new year that aligns with your true self. I will show you the steps and the rituals I use to make this process meaningful and effective. This is your chance to learn from my experience and apply my tools to your own life. Don’t miss this opportunity to reflect, grow, and transform.

When I think about my pace of growth, I’m so clear it’s because I’ve cultivated a lifestyle of awareness. This means I intentionally carve out time to reflect on the things that are happening in my life – and how I move through them. 

For me, hindsight is a 20/20 vision. Reflection reveals all the lessons and secrets life is teaching me. You can avoid repeating mistakes and integrate discoveries with more ease and grace by pulling them out. 

If you’re a regular listener of Stay Grounded, you’ll know I reflect monthly. I reflect on an annual basis too. It’s actually one of my most favorite things I do. 

And in this episode, I’m revealing my entire process- step by step. Check it out. 

Key topics covered:

  • Why your annual reflection starts with a month-by-month overview.
  • Why do we look for the highs and lows – not the wins and losses? 
  • Annual reflection as a game of two halves. 
  • Really learning from ‘mistakes’. 
  • My closure ritual (and why it’s not for the end of the year alone). 
  • My 7 reflection questions. 
  • Finding your theme. 
  • Crafting goals around the way I want to feel – instead of the things I want to attract. 
  • And more…

BONUS! Here’s a list of the reflection questions I ask in the episode: 

  1.  Who or what would you like to acknowledge?
  2.  What would you like to acknowledge about yourself?
  3.  What are you ready to let go of or forgive?
  4.  What did you love most about 2018?
  5.  What do you want more of / what do you want to do differently in 2019?
  6.  What would need to happen for you to feel the complete closure of 2018?
  7.  What’s next for you RIGHT NOW?


This reflection process is here for you to explore whenever you choose to take some self-awareness time for yourself. It’s perfect for closing out the year, but you can also use this sequence anytime you’re at an ending. I hope you enjoy it!


0:00 – Introduction

0:28 – Raj Jana introduces yearly reflection episode

1:00 – Why Raj is recording this and value of yearly reflections

1:37 – Closing out a year or decade provides closure

2:04 – Step-by-step process for yearly reflection

2:27 – Review each month, capture emotional highs & lows

3:06 – Focus on emotional experience vs accomplishments

3:44 – Break out first and second halves of year

4:02 – Identify themes and patterns in each half

5:03 – Reflection helps you not repeat past mistakes

6:34 – Writing 7 key reflection questions

8:12 – Questions help honor and acknowledge the year

9:28 – 2021 one of Raj’s most difficult years

10:21 – Engage in a ritual to cement the closure

11:53 – Afterwards, envision and goal-set for new year

12:51 – Identify your 1-word theme to carry into new year

14:07 – Get clear on ideal emotional states in key life areas

15:15 – Connect to feelings first before tangible goals

16:31 – Example: tap into money feelings before financial goals

17:05 – Journal desires in each area after connecting to feelings

18:18 – Develops lifelong reflection & realignment skills

19:25 – At core, an act of self-love and honoring yourself

20:48 – This work makes all the difference amidst uncertainty

21:24 – Appreciates listeners prioritizing self-care

22:13 – Final sign-off


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