Raj Jana

Episode 321


Learning To Trust Your Intuition

In this illuminating Stay Grounded episode, Raj is joined by Alex, one of his mentees, for a vulnerable exploration of learning to trust our inner voice amidst life’s uncertainties. Through personal stories and hard-won wisdom, they uncover why prioritizing this innate intuitive guidance system is the key to emotional liberation and making aligned choices.

Join this conversation to discover:

  • Why we ignore our intuition and how this leads to more suffering
  • The power of “zooming out” and accessing your inner witness
  • How to hold space for all your parts and build self-trust
  • Why addressing root emotional wounds rewires unhelpful patterns for good
  • The importance of supportive community along the healing journey

If you’ve ever struggled to decipher your inner knowing from fear, people-pleasing or old conditioning, this episode will empower you with the awareness to choose yourself anyway. Raj and Alex get radically honest about their own battles, learning to honor their truth – and provide a practical roadmap for courageously following your own inner compass. 

Tune in to (re)connect deeply with your authentic self and confidently navigate the path that’s truly right for you.

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Time stamps:

[00:00:00] Introduction and catching up
[00:02:23] The importance of zooming out and having awareness
[00:04:12] Raj’s process for dealing with obstacles and roadblocks
[00:07:45] The importance of listening to your inner voice
[00:10:00] Ignoring the whispers until life throws you a bus
[00:13:18] Raj’s messy process of waking up and listening to his inner voice
[00:16:34] Connecting to your infinite self/higher self/authentic self
[00:17:31] Alex’s first experience feeling grounded and present
[00:19:47] Raj’s experience at Vipassana and letting go of control
[00:22:21] Holding space for all parts of yourself – the witness
[00:24:47] Alex’s biggest unlocks from the Liberate mapping process
[00:27:41] Going to the root cause to experience lasting shifts
[00:30:03] People’s fear of unlocking their power and responsibility
[00:32:49] What daily awareness practices look like for Raj
[00:36:35] Wrap-up

Legal Disclaimer: The information and opinions discussed in this podcast are for educational and entertainment purposes only. The host and guests are not medical or mental health professionals, and their advice should not be a substitute for seeking professional help. Any action taken based on the information presented is strictly at your own risk. The podcast host and their guests shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by information shared in this podcast. Consult your physician before making any changes to your mental health treatment or lifestyle.