Raj Jana

Episode 225


Why Inner Conviction Follows Emotional Healing

“Everything comes back down to this conversation around feeling and healing and learning to go deep within ourselves and remember who we are.”

I’m so pumped to share my monthly reflection for March with you. This was a rich, potent conversation about the power of healing through emotional awareness. There was a time when I lived above my head only. Reconnecting with my emotional body and the full spectrum of the human experience has been both challenging and one of the most beautiful adventures I’ve ever had. 

Socially, often we’re disconnected from our emotions. 

But as you’ll hear in this episode, if you have the courage to go inwards and feel what you truly feel, you can unlock some of the most profound healing experiences. 

Tune in to hear more…

As usual, Georgina El Morshdy is back to hold space for us as we navigate the emotional highs and lows of March 2022 – and all the love and lessons this month offered. 

Tune in now to hear us explore: 

  • Different levels of knowing 
  • The power of finding soul-deep conviction. 
  • Why I allow myself to feel the pain of losing loved ones. 
  • The journey of increasing our capacity to hold life. 
  • Book recommendations for walking this path. 
  • Techniques for connecting with your emotions. 
  • The power of your breath as a healing tool. 
  • How journaling helps me process & release. 
  • Understanding the body as a vessel for divinity. 
  • And more…

If you’re ready to connect more deeply with the truth of who you are and leverage your feelings as a gateway, this episode is for you. Packed with tips, first-hand experiences, and deep insight, this potent conversation will inspire something in your soul. Check it out.