Kezia Luckett

Episode 205


Being The Lighthouse That Others Can Find

If you’re not aware that you’re telling the same stories, then you’re never going to look for a different story to tell. So I think awareness is key.

What if the stories you tell yourself about who you are aren’t even true? 

What if you could rewrite old narratives and gift yourself a more empowering identity inside which you can spark exponential growth and craft a life that lights you up. 

What if you had the courage to become curious about your feelings, your opportunities, and life in general?

How do you imagine things would unfold for you when lived through a perspective like this? 

This week’s guest is Kezia Luckett – a positive psychologist, best-selling author, and international speaker. Using her Energy Codes methodology, Kezia empowers women to create a life that’s in total alignment – so they can tap into the realms of possibility. 

In this episode, we explore how you can leverage your feelings, reframe your thinking, and shift your perpetual narratives to reclaim the truth of who you are. 

Check out these episode highlights: 

  1. How Kezia invited her father to shift his perspective about the potency of these times. 
  2. Take the opportunity to choose the lens we put on the situations or stories we tell. 
  3. Embracing childlike curiosity to better understand the world. 
  4. Feeling inspired to lean into our bodies in our search for truth. 
  5. How postnatal depression inspired Kezia’s shift from doing to being. 
  6. Remember that ALL emotions are phenomenal. 
  7. Your feelings don’t have to define you. 
  8. The story of the little boy, the fish, and why 50% of our memories may not even be true. 
  9. Cultivating the courage to explore who we are and step out of the conditioned path. 
  10. Remembering who you are so you can be a lighthouse. 
  11. An introduction to Kezia’s Energy Codes methodology. 
  12. And more… 

In a world of rampant external noise infused with chaos and confusion, knowing who you are at the deepest of levels sparks freedom. When we can empower ourselves with stories that lift us up, suddenly anything is possible. 

For a deeper dive into the power, we have to self-define and cultivate a more empowering identity, tune into this brilliant conversation with your new friend, Kezia Luckett.