Dominick Quartuccio

Dom P. Quartuccio

Episode 105

From Numbness To Greatness. How To Feel Your Way To A Happier Life

EP. 105 When you hear this thing, “These days, it’s difficult to be a man,” don’t buy the bullshit. I think there has never been a better time to be a man than today.

Are you in touch with your feelings? Or do you deliberately ignore or push down your emotions because they’re too difficult to feel?

Dominick Quartuccio used to be the alpha male – a ladies man, and a high-performer. He clocked up a 15-year career in financial services and earned a corner office in Times Square. In the traditional sense, Dom was a huge ‘success’. But despite all his achievements, inside he felt restless and numb.

Dom realized that he’d shrunk his emotional world so severely; he didn’t know how to feel. As a result, he lost access to the infinite wisdom within. He couldn’t access his intuition and this meant his inner greatness remained locked away. Something had to change…

Dom committed to feeling his emotions. He discovered that instead of being ‘evil’, his emotions provided invaluable data. They gave fire and color to his life. This experience caused Dom to walk away from his financial career and create a life more aligned with his purpose. Nowadays, Dom is an international speaker, executive coach, and outspoken leader for high-caliber men doing the inner work.

As the co-host of The Great Man podcast, Dom empowers men to confront the life-changing topics most never speak about, but inwardly struggle with. Dom is also the author of Design Your Future and the facilitator of men’s retreats where he helps men design their next decade.

In this episode, Dom and I explore:

  • Why it’s a great time to be a man
  • How Dom ended up in Sex Addicts Anonymous
  • How you can lean into the courage to feel
  • Why you’re probably drifting through life – and what to do about it
  • The difference between masculine and feminine energies – and why you need a balance of both
  • The first step to discovering your purpose
  • The two competing men inside you
  • And more…

I believe we’re all being called to go deeper and explore the parts of our inner being that will lead to a happier, more fulfilled life. Dom is a master at making these challenging topics feel comfortable – giving you the confidence and the courage to take those first steps. There’s a Great Man within you… Dom is the man to help draw him out.

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Dom P. Quartuccio