Raj Jana

Episode 307


Building Unshakeable Inner Confidence

In this month’s reflection episode of Stay Grounded, Raj explores the themes of self-trust, self-healing, and stepping into your highest potential. 


Key insights:


– Shift your relationship with uncertainty and mortality. Confronting grief allows you to fearlessly embrace change.

– Rejection stems from inner self-abandonment. Heal these wounds to transform outer experiences. Redirect into self-love.  

– Keep asking if your choices signal trusting the universe’s support. This surrender allows life’s harmony to flow through you.

– Master awareness with ruthless honesty. Name ego/resistance then lean into emotional discomfort. This builds confidence. 

– Continually uncover your wholeness through inner work. It’s an infinite art project of self-discovery and actualization.  

– Lead with curiosity, not judgment about your past. This leads to growth and rewriting limiting stories.


Raj shares his lessons around standing confidently in faith by shifting his relationship with control, fully grieving losses, healing childhood rejection wounds, and boldly trusting the unfolding of life’s plan.

He also speaks candidly about preparing for a 10 day silent meditation retreat with the intention to access assurance and wholeness from within, no matter the external circumstances. 

As always, Raj inspires us to bravely step into unknown growth territory in order to uncover the certainty and composure on the other side.




0:00 – Introduction

5:20 – Reflecting on personal growth over the past year

8:40 – Discussing the importance of surrendering and trusting the universe

12:30 – Shifting relationship with mortality and loss

23:36 – Facing rejection and failure as forms of “ego death”

27:11 – Communicating with and understanding the inner child self

33:18 – The role of others in calling out unhelpful mindsets/behaviors

37:06 – Rediscovering the self in midlife

44:42 – Pride in personal growth and evolution

48:38 – Preparing to sit with discomfort and the “nothingness”

49:37 – Removing self from manifestation equation

53:06 – Following life’s flow and aliveness


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