Ryan Allis

Ryan Allis

Episode 306


How to Create a Life You Love in One Year

This week’s guest on Stay Grounded is Ryan Allis, serial entrepreneur, author of the new book “Magic Year,” and founder of Hive, a global community of over 3000 purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs collaborating to create a better world

Ryan has dedicated his life to finding inner happiness, optimal health, and meaning. After building and selling his first company for $170 million in his twenties, Ryan embarked on a 12-year adventure across 40 countries. On this journey of self-discovery, he explored everything from Burning Man to ayahuasca, vipassana meditation to biohacking. 

Out of this exploration emerged Ryan’s mission – to empower people to design the life of their dreams and make a positive impact. He distilled his learnings into the principles in his latest book, Magic Year: A Book of Joy. Magic Year promises readers they can transform their lives in just 12 months by following Ryan’s guidance across all areas – purpose, goals, habits, relationships, love, sex, money, happiness, health, family, and more. 

Key Topics Discussed:

  • The 3 books Ryan’s mom gave him at age 16 that changed his life
  • Why Ryan wrote his book The Magic Year for his son to read at age 15
  • The power of playfulness and levity when creating a life you love
  • Ryan’s litmus test for decision-making
  • The value of suffering in personal growth and awakening
  • Ryan’s view that the deepest truth of the world is love and we’re all singing one song
  • How the birth of Ryan’s son Apollo inspired him to “get his act together”
  • The magic morning routine that helped Ryan lose 50 pounds in The Magic Year
  • Reincarnation and the everlasting nature of the soul and spirit

If you’re searching for more meaning, joy, and inspiration in your life, don’t miss this soul-nourishing conversation with Ryan Allis. Tune into this episode to hear Ryan’s uplifting philosophy on aligning your life with your soul’s purpose and embracing the cosmic joke through playfulness and love.


3:00 – The Art Of The Transition

10:00 – Working toward creating a better world

13:00 – Three books that changed Ryan’s life

14:30 – The role of death

22:00 – Waking up to the play of life

30:00 – The role of fear

34:30 – Magic Year and getting back to your true self

40:00 – How Ryan Stays Grounded


Connect with Ryan:

Magicyear.com – Ryan’s online course
Brotherhoodmen.com – Ryan’s new men’s group


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