Paul Hutchinson

Episode 304


The Path to Forgiveness and Spiritual Freedom

In this episode of Stay Grounded, my dear friend Paul Hutchinson joins me for an in-depth conversation about the path to forgiveness and spiritual freedom. 

Paul Hutchinson is a successful entrepreneur, a humanitarian, and a filmmaker. He co-founded Bridge Investment Group Partners, a public company on the NYSE, and produced the film “Sound of Freedom”, which tells the true story of a child trafficking rescue mission in Colombia that he was part of. He also founded the Child Liberation Foundation, which has freed over 5,000 children from trafficking in 15 countries. Paul has been honored with many awards, such as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the International Medal of Freedom, and the Race Award from Harvard Business School. 

Paul shares his incredible story of ego to purpose, from building a multi-billion dollar company to leading covert rescue missions and putting his life on the line to save innocent children. He discusses the power of cultivating unwavering faith and conviction in humanity, even in the darkest places.

Key Topics Covered:

  • The meaning of true forgiveness and how it differs from conventional ideas of forgiveness
  • Why forgiving yourself is the first step before you can forgive others
  • How hurt people often hurt others, but compassion can help break cycles of pain
  • The importance of unconditional love and seeing the humanity in everyone
  • Releasing judgment and embracing your own and others’ divine nature
  • The illusion of separation and remembering we are all one
  • Using “spiritual activism” to create positive change through love not fear
  • The power of unwavering faith and connection to God/source/higher self
  • Practical tips for cultivating forgiveness, faith, conviction, and remembrance in daily life
  • Paul’s incredible story of transformation and his mission to liberate trafficked children

In this talk, we uncover how forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves to release resentment and pain, the power of cultivating unconditional love and faith, and how remembering our divine nature allows us to fully forgive ourselves and others.

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