Raj Jana

Raj Jana

Episode 303


Practicing Emotional Sobriety

In this monthly reflection episode of Stay Grounded, Raj shares his journey towards “emotional sobriety” and liberating himself from destructive mind patterns. He discusses implementing practices like mindfulness, connecting to his body’s wisdom, and aligning with his unique inner “prayer” or purpose. Raj explains how emotional sobriety opened him to profound awareness around his codependent patterns and propensity to self-abandon in relationships. He advocates tuning into nature’s frequency and trusting life’s flow. Raj believes we are living in a time of profound opportunity and there has never been a more important time to connect deeply with compassion for our fellow neighbor.


0:00 – Intro

3:00 – Summarizing October  

5:00 – Energy gets trapped in your body 

8:30 – Finding an addiction to chaos 

11:00 – Practicing emotional sobriety 

16:00 – The slow life 

25:00 – Being in right relationship with self 

31:00 – Different types of safety 

38:00 – Awareness and looking 

46:00 – Waking up into more love 


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