Ryan Matsumori

Ryan Matsumori

Episode 302


Finding The Courage To Be Yourself

In this week’s episode, we explore the healing power of unconditional love with Executive Life and Business Coach Ryan Matsumori.

With over 10 years of experience as a transformational life coach, Ryan Matsumori has an in-depth understanding of human relationships and personal growth. As a Professional Certified Coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation, Ryan has supported over 500 clients in developing self-love, confidence, and clarity within themselves. Having walked his own journey to embrace vulnerability and listen to his heart after a difficult divorce, Ryan is adept at guiding others to break free of limiting beliefs and conditioning to live a life aligned with their truths.

Some key insights from Ryan:

  • Unconditional love provides the safety for us to be vulnerable and express all parts of ourselves without fear of judgment. This allows us to be grounded in our most authentic selves.
  • When we focus on our own self-judgment, we disconnect from both ourselves and others. But being intimate with all aspects of ourselves is crucial for alignment.
  • The mind often projects limiting beliefs based on past experiences. But the wisdom of the heart can guide us to create a different future aligned with our truths.
  • Going through intense hardship cracked open Ryan’s constructs and allowed him to finally listen to his heart’s wisdom. We often need trauma to prompt our awakening.
  • Simple practices like conscious breathing, shaking, and bounding can regulate our nervous system and bring our bodies into a state of safety and grounding.

This heart-opening discussion is a reminder that love – for ourselves, others, and the universe – is always available if we allow ourselves to access it by breaking free of limiting beliefs. When we trust we are unconditionally loved, we gain the courage to live fully as our truest selves.


0:00 – Intro 

3:00 – Having Authentic Conversations

7:00 – Learning to be present with ourselves.

10:00 – What Is Self Judgement?

15:00 – Creating safety

24:45 – Out of the head, into the body.

33:00 – Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs

42:00 – Moving into the heart

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Tools mentioned in this episode:

  • Brag Book: ​​A simple way to compile all your excellent feedback or the impact you created
  • Shaking and bouncing for nervous system regulation
  • Hand on heart, conscious breathing practice
  • Getting out of head and into body
  • Exploring the mind, heart, gut perspectives
  • Unconditional love and presence

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