John O'Connor

John O' Connor

Episode 301


Redefining Masculinity and Mental Health

In this episode, we dive deep into redefining masculinity and mental health with John O’Connor. 

With over two decades of experience and 10,000 hours logged coaching high-achieving men, John is one of the most qualified individuals I could possibly find to speak on the subject. As a husband, father, and former entrepreneur who got sober 22 years ago, John shares vulnerably about his own journey with alcohol addiction, suicidal ideation, and generational trauma, modeling a new paradigm of masculine strength through emotional openness.

Key topics discussed:

  • John’s process of getting sober over 22 years ago and the tools that helped him create lasting change. We talk about the importance of community support and therapy in working through underlying issues.
  • How fully embodying our struggles and sitting with discomfort is critical for growth, versus numbing or distracting ourselves. John shares his brilliant “90 day rule” for uncovering what we’re masking.
  • John courageously opens up about past suicidal thoughts, even amidst living a life he loves. We discuss how generational and ancestral trauma can unconsciously manifest. The power of sharing vulnerably to release shame.
  • Practical somatic tools John uses when difficult emotions arise, like the C.O.R.E. method for non-reactive processing. How allowing our feelings to just be can dissolve their charge over time.
  • The trap of ego and the discernment around what to share relationally vs. internally process first. How vulnerability invites reciprocity in intimacy.
  • John’s current work hosting men’s retreats and how healing journeys invite a new paradigm of masculine emotional expression.
  • Daily practices, like grounding through tea ceremonies, that keep John feeling centered amidst life’s chaos.

This conversation models a new vision of masculine mental health – one of courageous emotional work, inner exploration and interdependence. John demonstrates a grounded strength that comes from sharing vulnerably. His story inspires all of us to bring more truth into the light.


2:00 – Being Truly Grounded

7:00 – The Beginning of Waking Up

15:00 – The Relationship To Death

19:00 – What is the source of your calling?

29:00 – Learning to be with your triggers

39:00 – What it means to speak your truth.

50:00 – Generational Trauma

1:02:00 – Reperspecting Shame


Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Art of Contemplation training

Book: Essential Skills for Extraordinary Living (coming soon)

Core blueprint audiobook (coming soon)

Jayson Gaddis – Getting to Zero book


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