Raj Jana

Raj Jana

Episode 300


Healing Your Emotional Wounds With Liber8

In this episode of Stay Grounded, host Raj Jana shares the origin story behind his new emotional wellness company Liber8. He opens up about the personal life challenges, mentors, and loss of a dear friend that inspired him to create Liber8 as a comprehensive tool to guide people through the journey of inner transformation.

Raj explains how Liber8 helps identify and heal emotional triggers rooted in past traumas so you can break free from negative thought loops, unhelpful behaviors, and emotional reactivity. Through self-inquiry prompts in the app, connective community support, and personalized recommendations, Liber8 provides a complete roadmap to become your most grounded, resilient self.

Key topics covered:

  • Raj’s awakening journey and the psychedelic experience that forced him to confront his mental blocks
  • How a conversation with mentor Panache Desai shaped Raj’s view of addressing issues from within
  • The tragic loss of Raj’s friend Tristan and realizing the link between self-love, emotional roots and physical health
  • Finding alignment with this co-founder and a purpose in serving others through emotional liberation
  • How Liber8 helps map your emotional triggers back to their origins
  • The science behind reprocessing “condensed emotional experiences” stored in the nervous system
  • Details of Liber8’s personalized emotional lab reports, daily practices and community
  • The ONE thing you must do to experience lasting connection your divine infinite self
  • How doing inner work sooner can profoundly improve the quality of your relationships, health and life

Every month, Raj shares his reflection episode with some of his biggest takeaways and insights from the month.  Liber8 is his TOOL for transforming his negative emotional triggers into profound insights and learnings that allow him to shape a life he loves and prevent the same situations from happening again. 

His intention for recording this episode is to give you a detailed account of HOW you can use Liber8 to experience more peace, clarity, and joy in your life while building the necessary skill sets to BECOME more grounded and emotionally resilient.

We hope you find this episode helpful.


0:00 – Intro 

2:00 – Liber8’s story – feeling triggers

5:40 – What if you changed what’s within?

8:00 – The trigger is the entry point to the self.

12:15 – Tristan’s Story

16:00 – Working with cancer patients

20:30 – What is a trigger?

26:00 – The Liber8 Process

28:00 – Unprocessed emotion lives in the body.

35:00 – The Liber8 Community

40:00 – The truth is the work that matters most.

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If you are on the path of emotional healing and self-discovery and would like to know how Liber8 can support your journey, head to www.rajjana.com/liber8.

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