JP Newman

Jay P. Newman

Episode 299


Holding Space For Our Pain

Last week on October 7th, there was a grueling terrorist attack on innocent Jewish people. Since then, there have been heartbreaking levels of carnage happening to innocent Palestinian people.

My heart breaks for humanity. This podcast is not about choosing a side. So much innocent bloodshed. There are no winners in this fight. 

What we need, now more than ever, is the capacity within us to relate with one another on a HUMAN level. To feel and recognize another’s pain while holding space for our own. To emotionally connect with people who look and act differently than us. With people who have differing opinions and differing life experiences from us. With people who see the world differently than we do. 

And I brought on my dear friend, Mr JP Newman, to help inspire the courage and give you the tools to do so effectively.

Jay P. Newman is a dear brother of mine, a successful entrepreneur and investor, and a mentor inside of his local Jewish communities. We had this podcast scheduled to record days after the initial Israel attacks and decided to trust the timing of it all and record something incredibly relevant for the times we are in. 


Key Topics Discussed:

* Why it’s difficult yet essential to remain open-hearted in times of conflict

* How bearing witness to each other’s pain can dissolve barriers

* The courage required to hold space for grief and disagreements with empathy

* Choosing happiness over “being right” in relationships and world affairs

* The power of listening with genuine curiosity about different perspectives

* The ultimate goal of recognizing our common bonds despite surface differences

* Faith in life’s bigger picture as an antidote to getting lost in fear-based narratives & stories

* Centering our energy on what unites us rather than divides us as human beings

* The inner work and mindfulness needed to tap into empathy amidst outer turmoil

* Small acts of humanity that start ripples of peace: how we each play a part

* Finding inspiration in leaders who embody compassionate, heart-centered leadership

If you’ve been affected by these tragic events, I want you to feel my heart with you. I’m sorry that this type of darkness exists in the world. I hope this podcast offers you solace and grounding as you navigate a very complex emotional landscape. 

Sending you all of my love.



0:00 – Intro 

5:18 – How JP and Raj met

6:00 – Advice to JP’s younger self.

8:00 – Feeling seen and understood

12:00 – Leaning into curiosity

14:00 – Israel-Palestinian conflict

16:30 – What is the thing underneath the thing?

17:45 – JP’s personal story.

19:00 – Seeing through the eyes of others.

21:00 – The illusion of separation

23:00 – Loving others well.

25:00 – Enlightenment in the world

27:00 – The miracle of humanity.

33:00 – Ascending into love.

36:00 – There is nothing imperfect about life.

38:00 – Building faith.

43:00 – The building of Liber8.

47:00 – Finding commonalities.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Podcast: Investing On Purpose with JP Newman and Ryan Daniel Moran


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