Raj Jana

Navigating The Complexities Of Love

Episode 298


Navigating The Complexities Of Love

September 2023 felt like a final exam to help me really anchor in the principles that I’ve been working to integrate and embody over the last year. I do not say this lightly when I say that this month was one of the most powerful months of transformation I have experienced. 

It was a month that included putting myself in situations that had a lot of emotional volatility, which served as an entry point for me to access a spiritual depth that I didn’t know I had access to. Ultimately, this month played a crucial role in helping me shape my definition of what “God” is and what it FEELS like in my body to live in the frequency of divine love as I understand it.

A few topics we discuss:

  • Discovering the many frequencies of love
  • Letting go of needing a particular outcome
  • Redefining masculinity based on inner truth
  • Trusting uncertainty as a teacher on the path
  • Finding freedom through feeling everything fully
  • Expanding capacity for love through vulnerable experiences
  • Integrating breakthroughs through spiritual practice
  • And so much more…

This episode is filled with practical tools to help you navigate the complex world of interpersonal relationships and spiritual growth with as much ease and grace as you can. Sending all of my love.



0:00 – Intro

5:00 – Redefining masculinity

9:45 – What is real love?

13:52 – The evolution of real masculinity

17:30 – We are so disconnected from our life force energy.

22:00 – You are not broken.

25:00 – The pathway to spirituality

31:00 – Owning the problems

34:30 – Integration is the real magic

37:00 – The truth is what’s here and now.

40:00 – The community of Liber8

45:00 – Becoming your most liberated self.

53:00 – We don’t need to build the story


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