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Raj Jana

Episode 7

Breakfast With a Shark

EP. 7 | “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” – Daymond John

Last month I had a close encounter with a Shark.

It wasn’t in the water and it wasn’t in a tank either. Instead, I was one of four lucky winners (out of thousands of entries) in a startup competition organized by Belay Solutions to get a 1-on-1 mentor session with Daymond John.

And my meeting was pretty epic!

I’m hugely grateful to Belay Solutions for organizing such an incredible prize – and of course to Daymond himself for his time and invaluable insights, which are going to catalyze my 2018 plans.

In this podcast, I share what it was like to visit Atlanta and be in the same room as Daymond – what I learned from him, and how he’s changed my trajectory for 2018.

I promise you’ll hear plenty of ideas to inspire your 2018 too.

So why not join me (with your favorite cup of Joe) and discover how a Shark could hold the answers you need to make this year incredible.

In this episode I talk about:

  • How I felt meeting Daymond himself. (02:16)
  • How Daymond’s rags to riches story inspired me. (02:50)
  • Lessons from being starstruck and why I needed that experience. (03:25)
  • Why I promised to donate $500 to a cause I didn’t believe in. (4:00)
  • The one piece of advice Daymond gave me that will change my trajectory this year (and why this advice applies to you too). (05:57)
  • Where success comes from and the importance of waiting for the compound effect to kick in. (07:06)
  • Where my eyes will be focused in the months ahead. (08:38)