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Ashley Hampton

Episode 34

First Steps Back Up

EP. 34 | “My job is to help people find resources to improve their quality of life so then they can do things like… be happy and have some routines that make them feel fulfilled.”

In this episode, you’ll meet a women who says the prison system feels like home.

She’s not a felon and she’s never been convicted, instead the brilliant Dr Ashley Hampton spent time helping inmates create a new life for themselves.

It’s a fascinating story…

As a psychologist, Ashley loves to connect through people through their stories – and as she shares some of her own, she reveals that we’re not all that different. In fact, very often it’s our choices that separate us and not our backgrounds or life experiences.

Challenge that us v them mindset, and it’s possible to feel a connection with virtually anyone – even if your lives seem like worlds apart.

In this episode you’ll hear about the powerful difference we can all make to help each other rise up.

You’ll hear how Ashley gives hope to people who believe that, “everything has been stacked against me” and there’s no way out.

You’ll hear how tiny, tiny steps quickly grow into a stairwell that can pull you out from the darkest depths into a life that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Ashley is an inspiration and in my opinion part of the solution to some of the big problems we face in today’s society. If we all had access to the resources, support, and encouragement to create a life we love, how different would the world be?

So grab your coffee, come closer and treat yourself to a dose of wonderful from an incredible woman who touches lives everywhere she goes.

I give you the extraordinary, Dr Ashley Hampton…


Some questions I ask:

  • Tell me about your experience working in a prison and how that inspired you. [1:00]
  • When people are going through hardship, how do you separate happiness from money? [6:20]
  • How do you teach a sense of ownership to people who are going through a really tough time? [8:52]
  • What are some of the first habits you instill in people who want to make a positive change in their life? [10:40]
  • Give me an example of someone who had a story that changed your life. [14:49]
  • How do you help people experience a sense of home when ‘home’ isn’t present for them? [19:09]
  • What does fulfillment mean to you and how do you make it happen everyday? [31:00]
  • Why do you want to help people and why do you think that makes you feel so good? [33:10]
  • What makes an interesting client? [37:40]
  • How can we be a part of the solution if we’re not in the same position as you? [40:00]
  • How do you stay grounded? [44:27]

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Why Ashley got interested in child protective services. [4:07]
  • Ground zero and the value of taking small steps to your goals. [9:14]
  • ‘Think before you speak’. Why this is the FIRST skill to master. [11:02]
  • Does the death penalty deter major crime? [17:36]
  • How Ashley is planning to use podcasts to inspire people looking for a start afresh. [22:56]
  • The importance of encouragement. [28:11]
  • Civil rights, supporting the underdog, and the story of Ashley’s grandmother. [33:29]
  • The danger of the ‘us’ v ‘them’ thinking and why you need to challenge it. [40:10]