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Jon Vroman

Episode 28

The Art of Moment Making

EP. 28 | “Our whole lives are made up of moments… How we approach the here and now ultimately writes the stories of our lives.”

Ever felt as though you’re missing out on life as it happens?

It’s a common concern. When you’re juggling a ton of responsibilities (and a to-do list that never ends) your head and body aren’t in the same place! And when you’re chasing the future and rushing over the here and now, you end up missing out on a lot.

It’s why I was so excited to chat with Jon in this episode.

Jon is on a mission to show people how to live life in the front row – and his tool of choice is moment making.

It’s a mindset I totally buy into. I used to focus on the grind. I used to constantly chase the next promotion or the next big goal because I believed that’s what would make me feel successful.

But I soon discovered this mindset puts you in a game you’ll never win. That’s because life isn’t a journey. Instead, it’s a series of here and now moments.

And my guest today reveals how to grasp that profound insight and use it to create the life you want.

Jon Vroman is an award-winning speaker who’s given more than 750 keynote presentations for many companies, organizations, universities, and associations. He’s also the #1 bestselling author of The Front Row Factor. Transform Your Life with The Art of Moment Making.

Jon is a real authority on this important approach to living so I was grateful to find out more about his ‘rituals, routines, and rhythms’.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode. From the lessons you can learn from people battling life-threatening illnesses to tangible strategies that put you in the front row, this conversation gets profound.

So tune in now and learn how you can master the art of moment making in episode #28.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How do you define ‘moment making’. (1:14)
  • How has your awareness of the power of moments allowed you to create more moments that matter? (3:52)
  • When joining up the dots, how do you process a backstory of extraordinary pain and shift your mindset to look for growth and meaning. (6:44)
  • How has your dedication to moment making led to career success? (12:14)
  • What first step would you recommend to someone who knows they’re not a ‘front row friend’? (16:55)
  • What do you do on a daily basis to get centered and remind yourself what’s really important in life? (19:20)
  • How does scheduling time for you FIRST allow you to do more? (24:09)
  • Where did you learn about the pendulum analogy? (32:00)
  • How has teaching your message about moment making made you a better recipient of that message? (35:33)
  • How do you stay grounded on a daily basis? (38:51)

In This Episode, You Will Hear About:

  • What it means to ‘live life in the front row’. (2:48)
  • The question to ask yourself to become a ‘moment maker’ – for yourself and others. (3:25)
  • The experience that sparked the creation of the Front Row Foundation.
  • Your mess becomes your message: Why humans are ‘meaning makers’ and how this influences our lives. (8:15)
  • Jon’s story – and the meaning he applied to his childhood. (9:07)
  • What Jon learned from Nicky – a stage 4 breast cancer sufferer. (9:37)
  • Why it matters who’s in your front row – and how this awareness can change your life. (15:10)
  • Why you need systems to live in the front row and the impact being your own ‘marketing manager’ has. (19:55)
  • The proximity principle, the law of familiarity, and why Jon keeps a gym bag in his car. (22:15)
  • Why Jon color codes his calendar and how this ensures his life doesn’t get eaten up. (24:56)
  • The great equalizer and how this inspires Jon. (26:00)
  • Why you should visualize the future and reflect on your past – and how this is different from ‘living’ in the future. (29:57)
  • The power of teaching and how it helps you articulate your truth. (35:40)