How to Take Care Of Yourself and Experience Rapid Success As A Result

Megan McNealy

Episode 99

How to Take Care Of Yourself and Experience Rapid Success As A Result

EP. 99 Well-being is an ongoing thing. It’s a way of life. It isn’t a trend.

The paradigm is outdated. You don’t need to be successful before you can focus on your well-being. According to this episode’s guest  – Megan McNealy – you can DO and BE well at the same time. More than that, if you make well-being a focal point for your life, you can actually LEVERAGE it to create even more success.

Nowadays, Megan is an impact-driven entrepreneur and founder of Well-Being Drives Success – a multi-faceted platform that serves people striving for exceptional wellness and extraordinary success.

But she didn’t always prioritize well-being. As an award winning, 20+ year First Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor at one of the largest financial firms in the world, Megan chased the traditional model of success. As a high achiever, she worked the hours and invested in the hustle. But in 2010, her life crescendoed into the ‘perfect storm’. Megan’s health had begun to deteriorate when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This condition froze her hands until she was unable to hold a pen and caused pain while walking. Then she contracted chronic kidney disease followed by kidney cancer.

Megan felt like she was trying to catch a falling knife. She was broken down on the side of the road with no clear way out.

It was then that she turned her focus to well-being – but not the traditional model of sleep, diet, and exercise. Instead, she created a holistic lifestyle that was based on 18 different practices – all focusing a different area of wellness. Megan’s “wealth-being” wheel helped her focus on her mind, body, and spirit – and it was so effective, it literally saved her life.

After discovering that plenty of other high-ranking executives are suffering behind the scenes, Megan felt called to share what she’d discovered. It’s how her new book – Reinvent the Wheel: How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success was born.

It’s not unusual for workaholics people to believe a focus on well-being will derail their life. We kid ourselves that we don’t have enough time to meditate, journal, or take up soul-lifting activities.

But what if the opposite was true?

Between 2010-2018, Megan quadrupled her income. This timescale correlates directly with Megan’s wellness-first philosophy. The reality is, wellness can be leveraged for elevated levels of success, and in this episode, Megan reveals why.

Check it out now and discover:

  • Megan’s holistic definition of well-being
  • Why there’s a new age of wellness-first executives rising
  • Why gratitude is the ultimate cheat-code
  • The best place to start your well-being practice
  • Why wellness needs a mind, body, and spirit component
  • How to leverage well-being in your life
  • And more…

If you keep putting well-being on the backburner because your work takes priority, you’ll take a lot from this episode. So check it out now and discover how you can leverage wellness to achieve the things you want.

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Megan McNealy