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Dr. Bob Gilpatrick

Episode 98

Everyday Strategies To Stay Forever Young

EP. 98 I always had this thing where I wanted to be helpful for every single person. I don’t want to have to look at someone and say there isn’t anything I can do.

Bob Gilpatrick and his business partner Larry began working on projects together when Larry was 65. At the time, Larry was in very poor health. He was suffering from a range of illnesses and disorders common with older folk. He was on 11 medications, he’d had two surgeries and was scheduled for two more, and he was riddled with pain and discomfort.

It’s what happens when you’re ‘old’ – or is it?

Using his 20 years’ experience in holistic nutrition, Bob developed a comprehensive nutrition plan for Larry. After just TWO months, Larry had lost pounds of excess weight, he was full of energy, and he even looked significantly younger. What’s more, Larry was able to quit all his meds, avoid two surgeries, and cut 36 years off his age [according to his life insurance provider]!

The results were so astounding, that Bob and Larry founded Boomers Forever Young – to ensure age is no longer an excuse to live a compromised life.

At 63-years-young, Bob Gilpatrick is an exceptionally skilled and gifted healer. He’s dedicated his life to mastering multiple different techniques, disciplines, and skills to ensure he can help anyone who asks for it. Bob will transform your perception of what healing is possible. In the most unimaginable situations, Bob is able to inspire recovery, healing, and deep inner peace.

Check out this week’s episode to hear about:

  • Bob’s 9/11 ‘Torchstory’ and his seven-year cough
  • Why getting hit by a van at 60mph ignited Bob’s interest in nutrition
  • How Bob helped ‘heal’ the PTSD-suffering Vietnam veteran who accidentally killed his own son
  • What opens up when you find peace with your childhood traumas
  • Why Bob’s morning routine starts in the evening with revision scissors’
  • The fact that most people spend just 5% of their day in a state where everything feels ‘ok’
  • And more…

Bob is proof that the human body is capable of much more than we give it credit for. So if you’re not ready to slow down yet and you want to enjoy optimal health throughout your life, tune into this episode now. It’s an interview guaranteed to reset your expectations of aging.

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Bob Gilpatrick