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Arjuna Ardagh

Episode 95

The Art Of Contribution & How It Drives Human Evolution Forward

EP. 95 Making a contribution is not just something you do when you’ve got everything else in place. It’s something you can do to cause everything else to fall into place.

Arjuna Ardagh is a man committed to radical brilliance. In a career that’s spanned decades, he’s written nine books [including a #1 bestseller], he’s spoken to audiences all over the world, and he’s trained thousands of people to become Awakening Coaches. He’s also appeared on TV and radio, and his message is so important, he’s been invited to speak at Google and the United Nations.

His mission is simple yet powerful. He’s a wizard at helping ‘brilliant’ people discover how they can make their greatest contribution to humanity – so they can move the game forward in an evolutionary way.

I’m a super fan of this episode’s guest! Arjuna is a deep-thinking, heart-centered genius. His perspectives, understanding, and approach to impact are so profound, one conversation with him opens doors you cannot shut. Which is exactly what this episode will do for you.

So buckle in! I can’t wait for you to discover how contribution can become evolutionary, what you can do personally, and why impact-driven people will create ‘heaven on earth’.

When you chat with a genius, there’s no telling what rabbit holes you’ll fall down. In this episode, we fall down a lot! For example, you’ll hear Arjuna share the story of his son’s difficult birth and how fatherhood stopped him being an ‘a**hole’. You’ll also discover:

  • The ‘obvious’ reason Maslow’s hierarchy is inaccurate
  • Why any act of contribution you make must include you
  • What opens up when you understand love is underneath it all
  • The reasons to ‘sit’ each day and what you’ll learn about yourself from emotions that show up
  • Why impact stems from the stories you tell yourself
  • The real reason Arjuna has no friends his own age
  • Why millennials are the generation best positioned to create ‘heaven on earth’
  • And more…

I guarantee, this episode will blow your mind so make time for it now.

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Arjuna Ardagh