AJ Yager

AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell

Episode 94

Data Driven Approaches That Improve Your Love, Your Business, And Your Life

EP. 94 Data is just information, and the more information that you have, the more knowledge and wisdom you can gain.

What if you didn’t have to make decisions on a whim. Instead, what if you could leverage facts to guide your choices and help you dance more gracefully through life?

Welcome to the world of AJ and Meaghan. This power couple have made data more than a business – it’s also a way of life that infuses through everything they do. From their relationship to their health, business, and everyday life, data is the heartbeat of their choices, their actions, and their decisions. Not in a controved way, instead, AJ and Meaghan use data points as sources of truth to minimize guesswork and help them get crystal clear on everything from the foods they should eliminate to the practices that strengthen their relationship.

AJ and Meaghan show that data needn’t be scary and it’s not for logical thinkers alone.

Instead, data can become a source of power that elevates your business, strengthens your love, and ensures you spend more time doing the things that keep you grounded. It’s a doozy, so tune in now and discover how data could enhance your life too.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why logical thinking and intuition aren’t two different things
  • The very first step for using data to inform your life
  • The values v feasibility graph that helps you make smart decisions
  • The three indicators you must track if you want to live a great life
  • How to apply a data-driven approach to everything from love, to health, to business
  • The surprising truth you’ll learn about yourself from the previous two weeks
  • How AJ and Meaghan track their Love Language to avoid fights
  • Tactics that alow you to implement the data to get results

As you’ll hear in this episode, AJ and Meaghan practice what they preach which makes the insights from this podcast all the more valuable. Check it out. Even if you’re skeptical about data, after this interview you may find a deep love for it 🙂

AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell